Posted by: Scott Lee | January 2, 2009

Muslim family removed from plane

A Muslim family removed from an airliner Thursday after passengers became concerned about their conversation say AirTran officials refused to rebook them, even after FBI investigators cleared them of wrongdoing.

A few questions:

  1. Does an Airline have the right to decide who they serve?
  2. Is this racial profiling and, if so, is it wrong?
  3. Should the family be able to sue?
  4. Were their rights violated?
  5. Would you have reported this family for the things they said while boarding?

For a complete response to these question and more, tune in tomorrow morning on 1140 WRVA  from 6-8  am as The Lee Brothers discuss  (or argue) this story!

Arab man panics on airplane!

Maybe we need some sensitivity training!

Here is the video of the story:


  1. 1. Can the airlines serve whomever they choose?
    Yes, as long as it is not discriminatory.
    2. Is it racial profiling?
    Is it wrong?
    3. Should the families be able to sue?
    In this country? Who wouldn’t sue?
    4. Is this a rights violation?
    Yes, yes it is.
    5. Would I have snitched?
    Nope, not me. I don’t fly.

    On a more serious note, overhearing a family — a family — discussing the quickest route to an emergency exit on an airplane while waiting to taxi from the gate is not that unusual. When I used to fly — I don’t anymore because, well, I’m broke — we would read the safety card, count the rows, and talk about the location of the emergency exits. It is exactly what the “safety experts” tell us to do.

    Now a group of people has been denied service for ostensibly doing what is recommended by the airline safety people. It’s a bogus claim by the airline. These people were not allowed to fly because of the way they looked. The airline was wrong. They issued a Bushian non-apology apology and proffered a token recompense.

    There will be lawsuits, there will be much hemming and hawing, there will be allegations of civil rights violations and counterclaims of passenger serenity, the need to maintain order, and fears of another 9/11 will be mentioned.

    Simply put, it is bigotry disguised as business practice. Shame on us for allowing it to happen.

  2. Moderator,

    Your views, emotions, are compelling, but flawed!

    In your mind, after the Oklahoma City Bombing we wouldn’t be able to question white, skin-head, Nazi tatoo guys getting on planes or walking into federal buildings!

    The above scenario would make you scream bigotry and civil rights violations, when in reality it would be good threat profiling!

    An airline should have the freedom to make mistakes or judgements about who travels on their planes for any reason, any reason! Without fear of a lawsuit! This families rights were not violated, they were simply not allowed to fly with Airtran!

    There is no “shame on us” for being careful or for Airtran making a decision that they feel is the best interest of their airline… don’t have to fly them!

    All terrorist activities (bombings, hi-jackings, and suicide bombers) in the last thirty years have been committed by Muslims! Not all Muslims are terrorists, but it seems all terrorists are radical Muslims.

    So we shouldn’t be mindful of that fact? Just ignore it and ignore the fact that this family is Muslim?

    You put your head in the sand…I will be mindful!

  3. The only one screaming is you, ol bullheaded manure grinding moderator. Too bad the good ol days are gone. Too bad, no more slaves for you. Your family has owned plenty. A fine american you are. You remind me of the good ol american terrorist (and not muslim) mr mcveigh. Now there’s a real american, if he was alive today, he’d love your vitriolic anti-american rants. Your pictures make you look like drug fiends or alcholics, but Everyone on radio is a drug fiend, if you were on tv you’d be a drunk too.

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