Posted by: Scott Lee | January 6, 2009

Kaine will try to ban smoking, again!

You have got to love this guy!   What a goof!

He just told us he is going to raise taxes on cigarettes to pay for our budget shortfall and now he wants to ban it in restaurants?  Is that a contradiction?  Of course not, he is a Democrat….oh sorry…..he is the Chairman of the Democrats!  The new top spokesman for the radical left!  This train of thought probably helped him get the job!

Kaine has plenty of whacked supporters for this warped idea.  Here is one mans comments posted on line at the TD website:

Posted by ( frant52 ) on January 06, 2009 at 8:20 am I am definitely in favor of a smoking ban in restaurants. Not only do workers get constantly exposed to second hand smoke, but many of us are sensitive to the smoke and cannot eat in places that allow smoking. I have walked out of restaurants where I can smell the smoke. If I am paying for a meal, I want to enjoy it, without breathing in smoke. Other states have banned smoking in restaurants and I did not see a decrease in business. When I eat at a smoke fre restaurant, I always comment to the server or manager that I appreciate the non smoking rule. I also have not noticed that the non smoking establishments are suffering because of their rule.

Kaine has some followers!  Here is my reaction:

Posted by ( ScottLee ) on January 06, 2009 at 10:11 am

No wonder Obama is our President!

You obviously don’t understand FREEDOM! Freedom doesn’t mean that you have a right to walk into any private company and demand the environment meet your standards!

Workers can find new jobs! You can eat in smoke free restaurants, like you said you do! And IF you do, then why do you care about other restaurants that allow smoking!
If banning smoking increased business, then every resturant would do it on their OWN!  Your comments indicate, like many holding your view, that Government is smarter than the private sector!

Practice your freedom by only going to smoke-free resturants and stop “imposing your beliefs” on others!  Oh yeah, and stay out of the voting booth until you read some of the Federalist Papers!

Double Puke!

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