Posted by: Scott Lee | January 9, 2009

Example of how far we have fallen

Del. Charles W. Carrico Sr., R-Grayson, said he is preparing a bill that would prohibit the superintendent of the Virginia State Police from ordering chaplains to deliver nondenominational prayers at such functions as trooper graduation ceremonies and the annual memorial service for fallen officers. Six chaplains resigned in protest last year.

We need a bill like this in our country?  The state of VA?  The home of religious freedom?

Is this an example of freedom or a restriction of it?  Isn’t real freedom to let anyone pray according to their own beliefs….just curious!

Carrico said such “censorship” denies the religious liberty rights of the chaplains.   No, really!  But since when do we care about the constitution!

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, who in October defended the action by Superintendent of State Police W. Steven Flaherty.. just as long as we pray according to what the government dictates, a TIM!

Our government now demands that we pray in certain ways….. excellent!  Here is another example: click here.

Jesus name” only allowed when cussing!

Dare I say it……

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