Posted by: Scott Lee | January 25, 2009

Virginia Cigarette Tax

I find it laughable that a politician would call raising taxes on anything “a tough decision!”  The fact is that raising taxes is easy and gutless!  Yep, gutless.  Cutting is hard, going to the taxpayer for fees and taxes isn’t hard. 

Marlilyn Tavenner is just another gutless politician full of demagoguery!

I have always appreciated the liberal mind as it tries to make fake choices:

  1. Raise cigarette taxes or “cut Medicare by 155 million”?
  2. Raise Cigarette tax or “have poor health care?”
  3. Raise Cigarette tax or “damage our most vulnerable citizens?”
  4. Raise cigarette tax or “drive down employment?” 
  5. Raise cigarette tax or “have cuts that go to the muscle and bone?”
  6. Raise cigarette tax or “deeper cuts in low-income health care?”

Finally, M. Tavenner makes this very important point by saying if we raise taxes on cigarettes we “would guarantee the commonwealth could meet Medicaid costs associated with heart disease, chronic lung disease and emphysema, health care for children, including those suffering from asthma, and prenatal care for women.”

What should we do?  Wow! We should raise taxes on cigarettes twice as much!!  Maybe we should raise taxes on everything!  What absolute dribble!  What absolute Demagoguery!  What absolute Democrat!

Every spending cut and tax cut always takes food and health care out of the mouths of children, BUT NO DEMOCRAT cares about taking money out of your pockets! Just another GUTLESS politician!

We talked about fees and taxes here! Remember Kaine said it is not his job to CUT anything, only to spend!

I know, I know…..PUKE!


  1. Tossing this one out to reasonable folks who can add.

    I’d like to know who is spearheading the charge to tax VA LOTTERY TICKET sales.

    As I stand at the counter to get my now $6.27 pack of cigarettes I’m surrounded by pick 3 pick 4, scratcher and mega players and brightly colored point of sale tickets of all sorts and denominations…

    I ask my quickimart proprietor… Just WHEN is this particular Sin going to get taxed? Anyone done the math on this? Gross tobacco vs. Gross Lottery in VA?

    If we have to have the tax penance,- I do believe we ought to share it with every sinner with a nickel.

    • Incredibly good point! Thanks for the post!

  2. I do have a fallback position, if push comes to shove..and Lottery is the sacred cow of the commonwealth.

    I’d like the discount on that pack of cigarettes for purchase with proof of insurance.. I’d like my individual policy Kaiser Permanente card to get this latest increase discounted.

    Sin or no sin.. I’m not burdening anyone by paying my own premiums.

    Anyone not offering proof of insurance with purchase should be paying the ‘uninsured smokers fee’..
    Just taking a leaf from the DMV registration book.

    Just a thought.

  3. Screw this increase tax. I am buying all my cigarettes online from now on. I guess Virginia will not get ANY of my tax money from the sale of said products. I suggest everyone start doing the same as well as spreading this idea around.

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