Posted by: Scott Lee | January 26, 2009

Your Government car?

Obama ordered the Transportation Department to begin drawing up rules imposing higher fuel-economy standards on cars and light trucks.

The president also directed the Transportation Department to draw up rules to implement a 2007 law requiring a 40 percent improvement in gas mileage for autos and light trucks by 2020.

Is there anything that Obama will let run in the private sector on their own?So..lets walk through this….if I want to drive my SUV that gets 12 miles to the gallon…Obama won’t let me?  He now has to make sure cars are made according to his own little screwed up worldview?  Who made him King?

I must have been mistaken when I thought we had freedom in this country.  I thought if I paid the bill (gas bill, electric bill) that no one else would care because I am paying for it!  And Liberals think Conservatives want to run peoples lives?  The radical left will not rest until they control everything in your life: thermostat in your home, the car you drive, the light bulbs you use, how much you can make, how much private companies can make, the doctor you can visit, the prayer that you can say, and the school you can attend!

Now, the biggest threat to Obama’s little world is the car…or…better..the freedom we have to choose the car we drive!!  What a threat!

Once again, Freedom Expanded!  Politicians job is to make laws, not repeal them!  Feeling better!  Enjoy your new America!

I guess I should be happy the government lets me have a car (for now), even if it is a “Government Car!”

Next thing you know we will be buying carbon-offsets at airport kiosks!


  1. Basically, it is a message from Obama to his many supporters in Detroit-Screw you. Can you imagine trying to make, at a breakeven point, much less a profit, boutique cars for sale in each state?

    Of course we have such fine examples of government-designed cars: Yugo, Trabant and those cute little East German 3-cylinder wonders.

    The sad part about all this is a couple of my supposedly intelligent kids believe this crud.

  2. Bob,

    Freedom is slipping out of sight! Your kids will come around at some point!
    Stand firm!

  3. Wait until the police start driving around in Mini Coopers…

  4. or even funnier……bicycles. So what do they say if they arrest someone? alright buddy, get in the bakset?

  5. So with the need for the peasant to conserve fuel and move to little roach cars, the Foist Mutha Michelle takes off for Copenhagen in a 747. If that fanny gets any larger, they’re gonna have to move up to a C-5A to transport her.

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