Yeah, School Choice won’t work!

Has there ever been a better case for school choice?  The attached video is from children who areworried the the “All Merciful and Caring” President Obama will cut the program.  The program, which allows parents the choice  to take their children out of  failing public schools,  is in danger of being scrapped completely after the 2010 school year.  It is called the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program!

Liberals, NEA, and the VEA simply don’t care that kids are stuck in crappy schools!  The most caring among us…don’t care!

Lee Bro Creed

What do The Lee Brother’s believe?  Here is our creed to help you better understand our positions.  Check back often as it will be updated on a regular basis!

“The Best Form of Government is the one Not in session” 

“Politicians should repeal laws, not make them”


  1. Governments are not the solution, they are the problem! (Fannie Mae, Community Reinvestment Act, Barney Frank, no name a few)
  2. Anything the government can do, the private sector can do better.
  3. Cutting taxes is morally right! (and they raise revenue)
  4. More energy is the answer to lowering costs and being more productive.
  5. No such thing as man-made global warming.
  6. Free markets work when left alone.
  7. School choice is the only way to fix our schools.
  8. Life begins at conception.
  9. Death Penalty is punishment and justice.
  10. The Fairtax is the only “fair” tax
  11. The progressive Tax code is communist and un-American!
  12. Animals don’t have rights.
  13. There is such thing as evil.
  14. America is exceptional and the best country on the earth.
  15. Our military’s job is to break things and kill people.
  16. Our fighting forces, as people, are the best in the world.
  17. The earth made the oil, we should use it all until is it gone.
  18. SUV’s are safe, can pull large objects, carry many kids, and are not bad for the environment. Everyone should own one…everyone!
  19. The tax code is not for social engineering, it is for raising revenue.
  20. Businesses don’t pay taxes, the customer does.
  21. Free trade is about free markets and it means lower prices for everyone!
  22. We should have nuclear weapons and restrict others from getting them. We are the good guys.
  23. Mom’s and Dad’s are better at raising kids.  It is the real family.
  24. No such thing as transgender.
  25. Homosexuality is wrong and a dangerous lifestyle.
  26. The Constitution is not a living document.
  27. Our Founder were religious men and based our country on those principles.
  28. The phrase “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution.
  29. Church should be attended every Sunday.
  30. Rich people did not take it from you; they earned it by taking a great risk!
  31. No such thing as a “green” job.
  32. Just because it is a good idea doesn’t mean government should do it!
  33. The government that can give you everything can take it all away!
  34. We should judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
  35. Illegal Aliens should never get amnesty.
  36. We should have a two layer fence around our entire country.
  37. Abstinence works every time it is tried.

Are we missing anything?  What would you add?