Posted by: Scott Lee | March 2, 2009

Money that can be cut……FROM THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS

Last night, AROUND 8:30, I got an automated call from James River High School. It was a pre-recorded phone call that told me that classes were canceled for today. No really? You mean to tell me, that in this part of the country, when it snows more than 1/2 inch they DON’T CLOSE THE SCHOOLS? Not only that it was broadcast on the TV for almost an hour by the time I received the call. Chesterfield by the way was one of the LATE entries in that department. I guess they were waiting for a blast of MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING to melt all the snow by 6 AM.    I cannot believe that these people think we are that stupid as to think that school would be in session today!  
Now that I’ve vented my frustrations and my blood pressure has returned to normal, I will get to my point. Since the school system needs to CUT THEIR BUDGET, why not get rid of this useless expense! The schools notify both radio and all TV stations, so why in God’s name do they need to have this system in place? In case we have no power? That is a no brainer, too. Without power, you cannot HEAT or LIGHT a school. I guess that means computers wont work either? DUH
Maybe our Governor/ DNC chairman should follow his master’s lead and go line by line as to how to shrink the “wasteful spending” in the state budget. I am beginning to believe that our Governor and the people that run the schools are EDUCATED BEYOND THEIR INTELLEGENCE.
Honorary LEEBRO John

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