Posted by: Scott Lee | May 5, 2009

American Terrorists

 About three weeks ago the Department of Homeland Security Czar, Janet Napolitano, released a report warning of the growing threat of potential right wing AMERICAN  terrorists. The first thing that struck me was that the Obama administration refuses to call foreign nationals that want to kill American military personnel and American citizens terrorists. But that is a column for a different day. I want to focus mainly on our military.You can draw your own conclusions as to why the other groups( bible believing Christians, Ron Paul supporters, libertarians) are on the list.  But it all boils down to they, by in large, did not vote for President Obama.
    My concern is on the military. When you sign up for what ever branch of the military you take an oath to “defend the CONSTITUTION from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. ” Think about those words. They carry a great responsibility for both the citizen and the soldier. We are to know and understand our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and recognize when they are being eroded. It is also our responsibility to STOP THAT EROSION, preferably by the ballot box..  I believe that the Obama administration sees both former and present military as a potential road block. The main reason is that 75% of them voted against him.
     Ever since President Reagan, our military has been held up and lauded for being men and women of principal and valor.A people whose words and actions carry weight. These very men and women, because of the high regard they have been held in, can potentially sway people into thinking and voting in a way that our present president will not tolerate. This is the reason that I believe that President Obama, himself, wants all present and former military veterans all the way back to Viet Nam, demonized.  If he can accomplish this, through the left wing media he will not have to deploy his soon to be “brown shirts”. Yes people, President Obama wants a quarter million man “national Police force” as well trained and equipped as any of the military branches. Once again you can use your deductive reasoning to figure out as to why. Can you say…. What Tenth Amendment?Remember, the men and women he[President Obama] is trying to cast dispersions on have been, for the vast majority, HONORABLY DISCHARGED and have led productive, law abiding lives, raising families and being good citizens and community leaders. God forbid that people like this should have a voice.
    I will end with this. I find it frightening that the “party of tolerance”is the most intolerant of open debate of their ideas. Our Founding Fathers gave us three boxes to bring about change in this great nation. The “soap box” the “ballot box” and the “Ammo box”. To quote Thomas Sowell,” the reason we have the Second Amendment is in case the government wont let us keep the First amendment.” I guess this puts me on the “potential terrorist” list.
                                                                               John LEE Savarese


  1. The Bush Administration targeted militia and “liberty advocates” as potential Al Queda allies. Before that, the Clintonistas used the FBI to harass pro-life and racial separatist groups.

    The Obama Administration should be taking a strong stand against the use of our intelligence assets against American civic groups, but to date, they appear to doing the same thing Bush’s team did.

    We need wholesale political reform, where the emphasis is on a return of government back to within its Constitutional limits and the resurrection of our strategic manufacturing base.

    If the Republicans would like to avoid going away like the Whig Party, then they had better get off of this theme of calling Obama a Socialist and a Commie, and get a set of real solutions of their own to propose to the citizens.

    Since the Republicans cannot provide a positive vision for the future, then it is time for that party to be dissolved and for a new Citizen’s Party to be formed that will fight for LIBERTY and for rebuilding our domestic manufacturing infrastructure.

  2. J.Tyler .I do not remmeber the Bush on the militia group , or i never have heard of liberty advocate? oh wait is that ME. i Do remmeber what clinton did to the prolife groups .

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