Posted by: Scott Lee | May 8, 2009

Obama forced to be PRO-CHOICE

In an amazing turn of events, Obama is now pro-choice!  No, not pro-abortion (he never missed a chance to celebrate an abortion, even in other countries)but choice in schools!  You heard right, Obama actually is going to keep the DC Voucher Program that allows thousands of African-American kids to go to a school of their choice!   Maybe he heard our show…….but I doubt it!  Why the reversal?  National Review suspects…

Who Persuaded Obama on the DC Voucher Program? Upon hearing that Obama reversed position and decided to keep the D.C. school-voucher program going for all students currently enrolled (while closing it to any additional applicants), I said that the administration’s new position was, “We know our stance is indefensible; please make this issue go away.” But a reader threw out a fascinating, and probably unverifiable, theory: That one or both of the Obama daughters, knowing that the cancellation of the program would mean some of their classmates would have to leave Sidwell Friends private school, urged their father to keep the program. We’ll probably never know . . . but it’s a fascinating thought.

Isnt that interesting….I just want to say that Obama got this one right…even if he didnt mean to!

If choice in killing babies is fine…maybe..just maybe…we can have choice in education!

Just saying…..

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