Posted by: Scott Lee | May 15, 2009

Stephen: The Typical Democrat

The attack on Bob McDonnell!  We talked about it here!


Okay, Stephen. You lost your job and your answer is to go to unemployment office.  Fine…so you received unemployment…it was there for you..right?  Of course!  So you got the “little help” you what is the problem?    

Stephen, you poor, poor man!  You have been told your whole life that you can’t do it without governments help!  You have been told that it is the role of government to step in and dictate to the states!  You have put your faith and hope in government instead of yourself.  You have allowed the Democrats to use you for political gain when they don’t care about you or anyone like you!  You have been feed a lie!

What lie?  The lie that Bob McDonnell opposes unemployment for no reason or, worst, because he hates people.  That is your assumption, isn’t it ..Stephen!  Step away from your political dribble and look at the facts.  Bob McDonnell believes in Federalism…states rights!  We can not allow the federal government to dictate our laws and policies or we lose our freedom at the hands of a dictatorial, huge, federal, unaccountable government!  These coveted “unemployment funds” aren’t for the unemployed..Stephen…they were an attempt to grab power!  If it were really about  you, and the unemployed, why attached all the requirements to change our laws and rules?  You see, poor Stephen, there are good reason to say no….Liberalism is gutless and easy…it requires no thought…just feelings.   And feelings are all you are standing on because the facts crush you!  But go ahead, live in the fantasy world of feelings…..big heart….. no brain!

Welcome to politics!



  1. I have no problem with this guy getting his unemployment insurrance but why does he want to stay on it any longer than he has to? Hell, if there are no more jobs where he lives, then he needs to sell his house and move. Yes it is a pain in the arse and will cause shcool problems for the kids(if there are any) but that is life. My wife and I wanted to buy a house. But we could not afford one in Bergen County, NJ we moved to where we could afford one. Yes we left family and friends and that hurt. But our family comes first
    Besides, the 25 million from the feds came with too may strings attached. Only a political hack would whore he and his family our like this. I wonder how much he got for his time?

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