Gitmo, again…

The president unblinkingly, methodically confronted a string of national-security decisions that have drawn criticism from the political left or right. He called the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay an inherited “mess” that “has weakened American national security” by providing a rallying cry for enemies.

Our President calls Gitmo a “mess” and “weakened American national security”……yeah, yeah, yeah……

Do we have to go through this again?  Gitmo is Disneyland! Yet Obama, with his huge liberal guilt, thinks that it causes terrorism, we are the bad guys, and we bully the rest of the world.  Cry me a river…PUKE!

As a reminder, here is the truth on Gitmo:



If you still think that Gitmo is as bad as Obama says after hearing that…you are sick! 

If we close Gitmo, what would you do with these terrorists?  This guys are the worst of the worst…evil here on earth!


24 thoughts on “Gitmo, again…

  1. Lemnpiper

    Hey guys,

    One thing you overlook about Gitmo is that all during the Bush adminstration folks were sent there as detainees suspected of terrorism.While it seems to be a good idea at the time ,when the judicial process failed to result in trials where aid detainees were found guilty or innocent we have ended up with a backlog of prisoners stuck there who in fact have yet to be convicted of any crimes via a trial.
    My solution is to set up a Nuremberg type trial process to bring a final verdict to the fates of those prisoners.( BTW since the USA did sign the Geneva Convention once those prisoners were taken into USA custody and place in a USA detention center they gained protection un the Geneva accord).
    Also to make sure the pace of cleaning up this mess is kept brisk i suggest former VP Cheney and Former defense sec Rumsfeld be appointed by president Obama to stay on site til the trials are completed.( If you feel security for them isnt good enough for them there feel free to journey down there to provide added security) After all Cheney & rumsfeld should feel honored to be selected by ther current president to resolve this issue at Gitmao
    I am very positive taking these steps will resolve in end the Gitmo problem in a very quick order to everyone’s satisfaction.

  2. keith

    I say Let US not Close GItmo .
    They have no protection under our constitution, or under the geneva convention , they were illegal combatants. I sy lets not give them any quater .

  3. Lemnpiper


    Keep in mind your use of the term “illegal combatant is based on a ruling issued by President Bush in November 2001 .
    So we can believe if President Obama issues a new ruling for “illegal combatants” you will be just as happy to accept his definition?

  4. keith

    i trust this SO called President as about as far As I can throw him. , He does not know what he is Up against . he absolutly has no experience In what he is doing. He is in fact making it more dangerous for OUr troops and US.
    Also you didn’t even say anything about the argument about their Lack of protectiion under Our constitution and the geneva convention .
    i use to live Over seas where these Enemy combatants come from .

  5. Lemnpiper

    Kieth ,

    In regards to the Geneva Convention & the US Constitution i will once more cite Bush nov 2001 directive declaring who were to be considered “enemy conbatant” and that by doin so created a way to divert protection from those arrested and set to Gitmo from having access to protection under the Geneva Convention or US Constitution.
    Therefore we now sit with a backlog of prisoners at GITMO that we have no recourse to deal with due to the decisions by our military forces to to detain folks that met the criteria set down by President Bush while FAILING to also create a method for them to be CONVICTED or BE FOUND INNOCENT of actually being ENEMY COMBATANTS.And til a method is created we are STUCK with this backlog.And i see no efforts on the part of those who created the backlog to rectify the situation but to only criticize any attempts President Obama tries to undo this mess.

  6. Lemnpiper

    My take on the situation at gitmo (and also to a degree abu gahraib) is that the original plan called for a quick resolution at capturing the perps of 9/11 and when that failed to occur things got even more complicated due ot a lack of planning.
    I feel that some withing the Bush adminstration felt torture would provide the info at capturing bin laden quicky and when that didnt happen they suddenly faced housing far more prisoners world wide than they planned for.
    It was at this point they decided goin into Iraq would be a good distraction to the lack of success at capturing/killing bin laden .Unfortunately as this dragged on it made the situation in prisons even more difficult and to tell the turth i doubt many currently at gitmo would be there id a more coherant policy at dealing with bin laden been instituted immediately post 9/11.
    I feel at this point Obama is stuck with a group of prisoners that while at one time contained very few that truely hated the USA , has now morphed into a far larger group that truely despise the USA and i doubt if many here can fault them for feeling that way if upon their 1st arrest they wernt the enemy that they ended up being painted as but ovver time got exposed to thoughts that turned em into haters of america.
    in conclusion i feel the whole situation at gimto was easily avoided if planning had been better done , but being as it wasnt this legacy of a mess must be blamed on the adminstration who’s actions placed them there. That is/was President Bush. and this gitmo mess is a legacy of his.

  7. Scott Lee


    Nice try. I think your caring heart is getting away from you. I actually really..I do. You are concerned about the human rights of these people and I can respect that. I do too, believe it or not.

    But if you listened to any of our shows you will find these people are really evil incarnate…bad guys! Here are a few tips that might help:

    1-These guys are not covered by Geneva Convention rules-No country-no uniforms
    2-Waterboarding is not torture.
    3-We waterboarded three….3…three…catch that…3! This is not an out-of-control Bush torture chamber.
    4-This three attempts provided valuable! It saved us from attacks and lives!

    It is crazy for you to make the case that this country tortures. We did what was necessary! Apparently, you would not have….and it would have resulted in more deaths and destruction.

    This is the debate. There is a time for harsh interrogation for the protection of others. The truth is… you probably agree. But you are too guilt ridden and politically incorrect to admit it and therefore not qualified to lead or protect this country. And either is Obama. In other words, if in charge you would probably do exactly what Bush did to save lives, but want to use it as a political wedge today. Puke!

    One more thing:
    I need to remind you and others that we are the good guys! We protect life and property. We are the protectors of the world and of liberty. Please keep that in mind!

  8. Lemnpiper

    Hey guys,

    If we were the TRUE PROTECTORS OF LIBERTY why were so many folks imprisoned at Gitmo and then released without a trial?
    Even you have you have to admit the helter skelter methods used to round up folks under the guise they were enemy combatants resulted in innocent folks ending up at Gitmo.
    Folks around the would KNOW it happened and all it did was DISPROVE to many around the world that we are the good guys.
    You may not wanna face up to that truth and that’s fine ,but as we are seeing now the handling of this war on terror was done very poorly from day one and we are no more safer than we were Sept 12th 2001 and if anything even fewer nations care what we think now than then as well.

  9. Scott Lee


    Your faulty assumption is that I care what the world thinks of us! I DONT CARE! We do more for those people then any other country on the planet. If they can’t see that then nothing we do can help our imagine…nothing. Your guilt is blinding you. You just can’t handle it! I just dont feel guilty about our country, in fact, I am proud of it!

    We were attacked on 9-11! And our reaction was the correct one. During our sweep, we “may” have caught some people that weren’t guilty. So, what did the evil USA do? We put them in CAMP GITMO! Feed them Subway sandwiches and treated them better than they had a home. We didn’t torture them or hurt them. We gave them cosmetic surgery and plenty of excercise! Then….get this….we let them go! Really…..what pure evil! Even though they didn’t want to leave…we sent them home anyway. (Some showed back up on the battlefield trying to kill our guys again, but you don’t care about you?)
    We are the protectors of Liberty and Freedom…the US of America may strike hard and fierce when hit but we ulitimately recognize our true foundation! Wouldn’t it be nice if all “Americans” felt the same about our country and defended it instead of trashing it?

    Because we went on the offense (attacked them, wire tapping, etc), because we practiced “waterboarding” on 3 of the worst terrorists……we found out many scheduled attacks and made America safer!

    We are safer today because we had the guts to do what you would never do! Your defensive stance that would treat these terrorist in a court of law with lawyers: your refusal to have a place like Gitmo; your guilt-ridden hate for America will and would have us hit again and again…while you reach out and try to give them a hug!

    God help us!

  10. John Lee

    What liberals seem not to get( that includes you lemonpiper) is the “torture” known as “waterboarding” was devised to SIMULATE a real drowning torture that our soldiers would be subjected to by our enemies. This way the armed forces could subject their people to an experience without risking their lives. Some of our soldiers, that includes my son, have been subjected to this “torture” in S.E.A.R. school, knowing full well that if captured, there would be nothing SIMULATED” about the torture they would endure at the hands of their captors.
    If there is any doubt of the savagery of our Islamic enemies just ask Nick Berg what real torture is. OOPS I forgot, they hacked off his head with a K-bar knife and broadcast it on YOUTUBE. He was another one of those that believed in the “I’ll just show them I mean them no harm” types. His goals were noble, to be sure. He truly believed what he believed in. But he was completely ignorant of the motives and beliefs of the people that were soon to take his life. More is the pity!
    So all you liberal moon bats remember, WATERBOARDING IS S I M U L A T E D DROWNING.

    John Lee “An Honorary Lee Brother”

  11. Lemnpiper

    Hey Guys,

    Scott the very fact you mentioned that some of the released prisoners did in fact end up being captures again PROVES the lack of knowledge those running the war effort had about the enemy . And that problem occured under Bush not Obama.
    Also havent you realized the folks THAT DONT CARE what the world thinks of the USA , DONT RUN the the USA any longer either.They had a chance post 9/11 to avenge those americans killed and it ended up so botched up even the american public realized more harm was being done continuing on that course so those leaders and many of their followers got the boot .
    Isnt it interesting the 1st thing done in the post 2006 mid term elections was the immediate removal of Donald Rumsfeld followed by the implimentation of the SURGE in Iraq.
    Also as anyone one else reading these posts will note i have until this moment not used the word “waterboarding” cuz i know there are many other ways of torture used besides that.Sleep deprevation, loud music 2/47 , etc. Assuming i was talking about waterboarding was a classic rush to judgement mistake.
    Goin back to my 1st post on this topic i offered a very viable plan to resolve the situation at GITMO and in return i see no alternative viable plan offered. I find that most interesting that even at this late date some think it’s better to lambast folks proposing viable ideas instead of coming up with better ones themselves to resolve the issue.

  12. John Lee

    LEMONPIPER, I too, have a viable alrenative plan. these detainees at gitmo are nothing more than un-uniformed fighters and are deserving of neither a Neuremburg type trial nor legal recourse. the only thing they need is a 9mm bullet, dipped in pigs blood, to the back of the head. And by the way sleep deprivation is NOT torture nor is waterboarding. Having your fingernails pulled out, electrodes hooked up to your genitals and the like are, though. by the way you never mentioned Chris Berg, since I am the guy that brought up waterboarding. I am also guessiong that you don’t aggree with my explanation as to how waterboarding was concieved. Moreis the pity, because that is the very reason it was invented.

  13. Lemnpiper

    Hey John ,

    Please feel free to carry out your alternative plan to closing GITMO.
    Might wanna run it by General Petraeus 1st though .
    Chris Berg? you mean Nick Berg dont ja , and he was warned not to go there but stupidly went anyway and paid for it
    As for waterboarding dont you think after the 25th time both sides would realize it aint gonna work?Makes the 183 times seem rather stupid or poorly done

    You can call me Grant as in U. S. Grant

  14. John Lee

    You are right Grant it is Nick Berg. Yes he was warned by people like me, and like you, did not listen. About my alternative solution, until now it has been the ONLY SOLUTION to un-uniformed fighters in every previous war in history. Just ask the Maqui, the Ling or the Viet Cong. But hey what do historians know? Petraeus and even the lowest of grunts in the field know they are being forced to play politics with these “detainees”.
    By the way, Grant, when are you going to demand an Unconditional Surrender from the Islamists that threaten our world? I personally don’t care how many times our military douses a terrorist with water. Please understand this……waterboarding poses absolutely NO THREAT of death nor bodily mutilation to its recipient. Real torture is physically and mentally destructive to its victims . The 183 times were not 183 different instances, it was how many times they actually poured water on their heads. So between the 3 people that were waterboarded, we are onlytalking mere minutes of discomfort not hours upon hours. even if was hurs and hours, I still don’t care.
    In closing, please google some history on the real tortures tha the Imperial Japanese Army inflicted on Allied troops during WW2. Then compare it to today. If you are honest, you will be repulsed by what you read. I have already read the accounts and seen the photos.

  15. Craig Savarese

    Well kids …..time for a little truth…… I m a decorated Iraq war vet with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. I have a few points to make:
    1. Our military continues to play by the rules while these clowns we re fighting don t .
    2. When captured these cowards live better in our custody than they did while they were out in the field fighting us.
    3. Everytime one of these guys gets a little dose of justice to make him talk………IT SAVES AMERICAN LIVES. Over there and over here!!!!!
    Have anymore buildings been leveled since 9/11? Have there been any Nuke/Bio/Chemical attacks on civilian targets here in America? The answer is A big fat NO!!!!!!!
    4. War is a dirty business. Some of us have the stomach for it. Most of you dont. Leave it to us and enjoy your Starbucks in the morning.

    The bottom line here people is while your enjoying bomb free streets , warm beds, hot chow,showers,cable TV, date night with your wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/dogs/frogs or whoever……We re over there ensuring these Islamic Radicals dont interupt your precious little lives. So when you re ready to give up the luxuries like so many civilians did during WW1,WW2,Korea, and Vietnam, and actually SUPPORT US……………THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL YOUR OPINION COUNT.
    Now if you ll excuse me I ve got a 12 o clock date with a terrorist and a 1 gallon jug of water……he he!!


  16. Scott Lee

    HA! Case and point!

    Thanks Craig! Some people just “cant handle the truth” and would prefer to sit in their recliner and play Monday morning quarterback with a condescending attitude. And all the while trashing the very country that provides those freedoms!


  17. Lemnpiper

    Hi Guys,

    Um Craig ANTHRAX LETTERS <—-ring a bell?
    POINT, GAME , MATCH !!!!!
    Didnt we also have a case of a suspicious powder being investigated here last week?

  18. john Lee

    the antrax letters were stopped and the sources for the anhtrax were clamped down so there is no longer any access to it.Yhe reccent situations have been powered sugar or some other inocuous materials that do no harm. So what is your point again? I also remember the anthrax being a domenstic situation that had nothing to do with Alqeada. So I guess Craig’s points still stand.


  19. Lemnpiper

    John ,

    Read Craig’s post again where he says: Have there been any Nuke/Bio?Chemical attacks on civilian targets here in America? The answer is a big fat NO!!!!! <— I SUGGEST YOU CONTACT THE UNITED STATES POSTMASTER AND ASK HIM HOW MUCH MONEY THE POSTAL SERVICE HAS SPENT SINCE 9/11 on newe machinery to try to detect ANTHRAX MAIL a
    fter the ANTHRAX letters incident occured WHICH KILLED 6 AMERICANS <– DID YOU FORGET THEM TOO?????????

    Or when americans die in terrorist acts that doesnt fit your agenda they dont matter?

    Game ,Set, Match ,Champiomship

  20. Craig Savarese

    I guess humor is the wrong way to address people who are out of touch with what it actually takes to keep a nation safe.
    Again let me break it down for you LEMNPECKER …….to include your reference to a boring country club game.

    1. It s not international terrorists. That s some retard sending powdered sugar to either get outa court or get outa work for the day. It happens all the time. I have many friends who still work for the Va. Capitol Police who say that they catch these guys all the time but the news media doesn t report it. (We all know how good of a job they do huh?)
    2 Anthrax was a HORRIBLE METAL BAND from the 80 s and should never be mentioned again. Listening to 1 song could relapse our fashion industry back to torn bleached jeans and denim jackets accompanied by mullets and white greasy tank tops…….Ask yourself ……DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT? I say no….We must never speak of them again.


    Wow…..where do I start here?????

    Lets start with POINT.
    POINT- What you brought up was classified as domestic terrorism…….not International Terrorism….You ll never stop Domestic Terrorism. There s always someone pissed off about something with our government.
    GAME- This isn t a country club game. We don t share a drink at the bar after it s over.

    This is war. At the end of our GAME we pick our brothers off the battlefield or scrape whats left of the in mason jars to send home to their families. I ve done it … sucks….but it s my job.

    MATCH- hopefully you got one ,cuz I ve been trying to light this damn LUCKY STRIKE for an hour now and my ZIPPO is outa fluid!!!!!!

    Back to being serious for a moment. I have spoken with some of my brothers about these blogs I m answering and we all feel the same way. YOU ……..the citizens of our country are so far out of touch with what we do and how we do it. Stop offering your opinions . We don t care. We re honestly tired of hearing what you think and voting people in who haven t been there and feel the same way. You vote for people who have no idea what they re doing and that trickles down to us. Just let us do whatever we do however we do it so you can finish your POINT–GAME-MATCH .

  21. john Lee

    The whole pooint to Craig’s post was implying Al Quaeda alltacks not domestic idiots with political axes to grind. You know, people like the unibomber, Ted Kazinski and Tim Mc Veigh the bomber of the federal building in Oklahoma City. He was not referring to local jerks like that. He spoke solely of attackslike the one on 9/11 that brought down the trade center, but you either did not understand or mis-interpretted to be any attacks of “terrorism” in the broad sense. He(Craig) was referring to the islamo fascsts he fought in Iraq during the surge. So now that you have every thing in context, maybe you wont think of whet he was saying as a game, a set, a match, or a chamionship. because the game he played he made losers of every terrorist he encountered. Can you say the same? If not, then just leave it alone. GET IT?

  22. Lemnpiper


    SHOW the world the evidence the Anthrax lettem mailer was in fact who the govt decided to claim it was. The dude they fingered was DEAD (KINDA MAKE DEFENDING ONESELF TUFF).

    I’m Glad you dismiss Mcveigh’s action so easily cuz that Lets Clinton off the hook for that attack.



    My response was a very viable well detailed plan of action , while it seems all some other posters have here as a plan is to attack me for posting that plan while ignoring Scott Lee’s question and mispelling my screen name.tsk tsk tsk

    Then again the LEE’s got to be happy a posting has attracted so many responses after so many of the previous ones still have “no comments yet”
    at the end of those postings

    Be sure to check the posting of JUNE 2008 on Gitmo.

  23. Craig

    Whatever dude…….. keep looking down your nose at the guys who carry the burden of freedom. I ll make sure I take my time responding to your call for help. Maybe you ll RANGER UP and walk a day in my shoes. But I seriously doubt you have the intestinal fortitude for that.

  24. John Lee

    Craig, you genious, what a novel idea you have come up with “Take a liberal to war day”. You know, like take a daughter to work day? Just hand them the gear and say keep up or die. what a reality check that would make!
    Grant, if it were not for people like you, that get in the way with your well thought out plans, this fight would have been over years ago with far fewer casualties. So think about the over 4000 deaths because you care too much about how our enemies will feel about us and the “constitutional” treament of terrorists. In this regard it is just like Viet Nam. The liberal media feeds lies to the sheople and prolong the fighting all over the globe getting our guys killed in the process. The last time I checked the media doesn’t have the first amendment rights to get our sons killed to promote their own political agenda!REMEMBER THE TIME MAGAZINE ARTICLE THAT PERPORTED OUR MEN IN GITMO WERE DESECRATING QORANS? It never happened and people were killed in potests because of it. No apology from TIME. So basically your well thought out plan is based on misinformation from a agenda driven media not on facts nor history.
    By the way I am an ex-hippie now arch conservative. Yes we hippies were completely wrong about Viet Nam. Just ask Gen. Giap.

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