Posted by: Scott Lee | May 27, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor

Is diversity what made this country great?  Well Obama has come through with a stellar pick!  He searched hard and found the best Latino, female, “law-maker” he could find that fits his diversity promise!

We talk about it here.

When will this country move past race and begin to judge people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin?  I thought we moved past that with the election of Obama…or was the election about race?

Maybe the Democrats should stop focusing on our differences!


Yep, your right….PUKE!


  1. I agree! Great pick.

    YOU’RE right!

    (Clue: check spelling)

  2. Firstly, there is no unity in diversity. Nor is there equality in diversity. As an American of Chilean backround, I find Ms. Sotomayor more than a bit racist and arogant as well. She not only legislates from the bench, she ignores the rule of law in making her decisions. That alone should disqualify her as a nominee for the highest court in the land.
    Silly me. I was under the misguided impression tht judges were supposed to be impartial when listening to boths sides of the case. That is why LADY JUSTICE IS BLINDFOLDED. To HEAR both sides and then dispence justice based on FACTS.

  3. One last thing…….another bad pick from Obama just like Tax dodger Daschel, Geitner et al.

  4. Ok I am mixed here , so we are not allowed to question her on anything because she is a latio woman judge ? Or we will be punished ,HUMMM sounds more and more LIKE LIBERAL FASCISM TO ME .
    Why then was clarance Thomas and Alto, Bork Trashed the way they were ,How about Condi Rice? look at some say about Dr Walter Williams , Thomas Sorrel great men of color that have done things on their own with out the help of the Goverment and they are trashed by the Liberals.
    Make me wonder

  5. Lets face it fellas. We all know that women are DANGEROUS. (Those of you who are married are nodding in agreement with me) But this woman is extremely DANGEROUS to all things we hold dear. Her track record is horrible at best on abortion, gun rights, race issue, religion ( I should say Christianity…….No one dares to challenge the religion of Islam) and the list goes on. This president was sent to Washington by Hollywood, the press, the music industry and spineless liberal moonbats to turn this country upside down. She is one more nail in the coffin and NOBAMA AND BIDEN HAVE THE HAMMER.

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