Lee Brothers get slammed by caller

We were discussing driving today and the differences between men and women drivers.  We made a few commments about how women are not as focused as men and that we, men, are much better at driving in tough conditions…when we got this call from Jenny:

It is about 1 minute. Click here.

She shut us down in a hurry and we both heard from our wives when we got home!

I still think men are better drivers!

Stop Cap and Trade now!

The vote is scheduled for around 4pm!  Please call your Congressman!

  • Boucher, Rick, Virginia, 9th
  • Cantor, Eric, Virginia, 7th
  • Connolly, Gerald E. “Gerry”, Virginia, 11th
  • Forbes, J. Randy, Virginia, 4th
  • Goodlatte, Bob, Virginia, 6th
  • Moran, Jim, Virginia, 8th
  • Nye III, Glenn C., Virginia, 2nd
  • Perriello, Tom, Virginia, 5th
  • Scott, Robert C. “Bobby”, Virginia, 3rd
  • Wittman, Robert J., Virginia, 1st
  • Wolf, Frank, Virginia, 10th
  • PUKE!

    Pathetic Witch

    This women should have her teeth kicked out!  What a witch! She should be “tarred and feathered”!

    A “SENATOR”!  She thinks that is a big deal!  You work for us!  We pay your wage!  We are the ones who worked hard, not you! How dare you! You conceited, Marxist, blow hard!  You worked hard?  To do what?  Tax us to death!  To run for Senate?  That’s hard?  Is it hard running as a freakin huge Leftists on the “left” coast?   Worked?  Yeah, at destroying our country!

    Who does she think she is talking too?  This is a very respectful GENERAL!  Let me see…. .Senator?… or decorated General?  I would rather be a General then some dirtbag, feminist, hating SENATOR!  Yet, this crazy women thinks she can scold him?

    This women is just shy of a maggot, and it is amazing that anyone voted for her and ever would again.  Without her “self-aggrandized” senate seat she would be on the streets!

    What a Witch!


    We talked about it here.

    Reminds me of Nancy Pelosi! And Maxine Waters!

    Just when you feel they all suck…..

    Congressman Randy Forbes shows up!  Yep, just when you begin to feel like they should all be thrown out..one speaks up and says exactly what you have been thinking!  After the constant attempts to remove the Ten Commandments from public place, the mentioning of God’s name at graduation is forbidden, and after our President says we are no longer a Christian nation and, in fact, an Islam nation, there is a voice of reason from the floor of the House: Congressman Randy Forbes from VA:   Here he is talking about it on our show or click below:

    A Virginia Citizen/American Patriot!

    Well said Congressman!

    Organizing for America?

    Organizing for America
    Organizing… Isn’t this a Union term? This is what “Unions” do to businesses and it’s never good for business… Isn’t this the same thing? If we become part of the Obama Union, we will all pay substantial dues and we will all get the same thing… and only the same thing. American Dream? In this Obama Union, there is no room for the American Dream, just the American Nightmare. How can you be all that you can be when you have to hand over the fruits of your labor to all of those who don’t want to be all that they can be? Is this America? Would you have ever believed you would live to see this day where every nation in the world is laughing at America and the President is spending money daily in the billions in hopes that maybe our economy will be brought back to life single handedly by his efforts? Let’s NOT Organize for this Liberal Government’s idea of what America should be… Let’s Organize to save the United States of America from the people in power in Congress, in local, state and federal government. In every future election, let’s take back our America and let’s organize to make sure we never lose control of it again…

    Richmond’s Favorite Lee Brother:  Richard Lee

    Read ROSS MACKENZIE in todays TD

    If only I could write like this!  But then I would be writing in papers instead of talking on the radio (yes, I know, talking is easier and requires less brain power.  Richard thinks that fits me perfectly!)

    Ross really did a great job of pointing out Obama’s real beliefs: 

    On Cairo: Imaginary One-on-One With Barack Obama (Few excerpts):

    You are there — sipping green tea with President Obama in this imaginary one-on-one . . .

    Sir, in your Cairo address to Islam you were the first Western potentate since Napoleon to embrace the Islamist narrative dividing humanity into warring religious camps: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. That implicitly supports re-establishment of the caliphate —

    On the contrary, one of my applause lines said: “The fourth issue I will address is democracy.” It’s difficult even for me to express how deeply I believe in democracy.

    So are you now belatedly supporting President Bush’s freedom agenda for the Middle East — as made tangible by the wars against terror in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    You may have missed that in Cairo I did not once deploy the word terror or any of its variations. I did use the phrase violent extremism. I have instructed my administration to avoid such Bush-Cheney terms as The Long War and The Global War on Terror. Because I so deplore war and the notion of offending Muslim peoples, I have directed that our actions abroad to confront extremism be rebranded Overseas Contingency Operations. No joke.

    I am seeking opportunities for Secretary Clinton and her people — all part of the Obama team — to sit down with the Iranians. The more we talk to them, the more the chances to educate them — and the greater the likelihood they will see the goodness of our ways. As you know, I am a dreamer —

    No kidding —

    And although they are not yet returning our phone calls, I am hopeful for positive outcomes in talks we want to have with — well, with everyone.

    Talks with our avowed enemies tend to be one-way streets — buying time only for those on the other side of the table. Talks haven’t worked to our advantage with North Korea. And despite your Cairo apologia for American sins against Islam — wherein you failed to mention all the American blood spilled selflessly for Muslims from Bosnia, Kosovo, and Kuwait to Iraq (twice) and Afghanistan — talks are not likely to soften the Iranian ayatollahs either, if you ever can find the right numbers to call.

    My staff has diligently supplied the media with catalogs chronicling the broadly positive response in the Muslim world to my remarks in Cairo.

    As in so much, this conversation ought to be a two-way street as well. So let me conclude our discussion with a question for you. How would you characterize my Cairo address to Islam?


    Can I answer that?  Mr. Obama, it was just another example of extreme Liberal guilt about American, a refusal to recognize the good we do, an opportunity for you to show you are more concerned about offending terrorists then defeating them, another Democrat refusing to recognize the battle we are in and a demonstration that you just might be the first Muslim President!

    In a word, Mr. President…PUKE!  

    Ross might be a long, lost Lee Brother!  Certianly, an honorary one!

    Obama speech to Islam

    If you think that Islam has contributed to the greatest of America and the world, if you think no one should have nuclear weapons, America has not listened and dictated too much, if you think that there are no absolutes, if you think America hasn’t reach out enough, if you think that we should be kinder, if you think that America is just too powerful, if you are willing to point out all the flaws of America instead of the good things we have done, then…well….then you are one of the following:

    1. A Russian
    2. A European
    3. Anything but American
    4. A Democrat
    5. Jimmy Carter
    6. President Obama

    If you want to throw up or in case your looking for his speech..here it is

    Evidence of Obama’s attitude and guilt towards America:



    Puke!  Did you know Obama spoke perfect Arabic?  I didn’t..I am not sure he has America’s best interest at heart…are you?