Posted by: Scott Lee | June 14, 2009

Organizing for America?

Organizing for America
Organizing… Isn’t this a Union term? This is what “Unions” do to businesses and it’s never good for business… Isn’t this the same thing? If we become part of the Obama Union, we will all pay substantial dues and we will all get the same thing… and only the same thing. American Dream? In this Obama Union, there is no room for the American Dream, just the American Nightmare. How can you be all that you can be when you have to hand over the fruits of your labor to all of those who don’t want to be all that they can be? Is this America? Would you have ever believed you would live to see this day where every nation in the world is laughing at America and the President is spending money daily in the billions in hopes that maybe our economy will be brought back to life single handedly by his efforts? Let’s NOT Organize for this Liberal Government’s idea of what America should be… Let’s Organize to save the United States of America from the people in power in Congress, in local, state and federal government. In every future election, let’s take back our America and let’s organize to make sure we never lose control of it again…

Richmond’s Favorite Lee Brother:  Richard Lee

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