Posted by: Scott Lee | June 15, 2009

Just when you feel they all suck…..

Congressman Randy Forbes shows up!  Yep, just when you begin to feel like they should all be thrown speaks up and says exactly what you have been thinking!  After the constant attempts to remove the Ten Commandments from public place, the mentioning of God’s name at graduation is forbidden, and after our President says we are no longer a Christian nation and, in fact, an Islam nation, there is a voice of reason from the floor of the House: Congressman Randy Forbes from VA:   Here he is talking about it on our show or click below:

A Virginia Citizen/American Patriot!

Well said Congressman!


  1. No jobs for the citizens, no new energy projects to make us independent of the cartels, but we can get plenty of religious preaching and empty resolutions from Congress.

    Thanks Randy for, yet another, “resolution.”

    Let’s see some real legislation; either repeal some existing laws or enact some legislation that will help put Americans back to work. Start with energy independence by 2020 as a goal, and also focus on rebuilding our strategic manufacturing base.

    Let’s have an indefinite moratorium on “resolutions” from Congress. Perhaps without those blow-hards passing resolutions all the time, they might have enough time to actually read the bills that they vote on.

  2. J. Tyler,

    Perhaps Forbes understands that ultimately our very FREEDOM comes from an understanding of their roots! When a politician understands where our “unalienable rights” come from, perhaps, just perhaps, his view of the role of government might change: resulting in more freedom.

    That was really my point in posting this, but you took it down a different path. I would suggest to you that the kind of thinking Forbes is proclaiming with help expand our freedoms. But you labeled it as “preaching”…as a reminder Obama brought it up, Forbes is stating the facts and the setting the record straight! I guess he is just not willing to bow yet to political correctness or the Islam world.

    Yet, I agree “resolutions: are mostly useless. Congress should be about repealing laws and expanding freedom. And some still think that “they”, a politician, can put people back to work. As if some law or legislation with magically bring back jobs! And some politicians are so misplaced by radical earth-huggers that they think energy independence means plugging my car into an outlet!

    You want jobs, energy independence and manufacturing back? Join me as we demand more drilling and domestic production! Embrace the FairTax and eliminate massive regulation and high corporate taxes on our companies so that they can compete in a global economy!

    The Cause is Freedom!

  3. Can I get a printout of Randy Forbes’ talk on the House floor asking “when did we stop becoming a Christian nation”?

    • Mel,

      Not sure where it is in print, however you can contact his office directly and I am sure they would be willing to provide it. Here is the number (202) 225 – 6365.

      Godspeed, Scott Lee

  4. Hey J. Tyler the only way governments “create” jobs is getting out of the way of buisiness. Can you tell me what government program gave Bill Gates his job? How manyt jobs did Gates create? More than thegovernment ever did.
    The Nature Nazis help stop more jobs and keep us from being energy independent! They wont let us drill in ANWAR or off our coasts based on 30 year old fears. the industry has changed and gotten more efficient. So please spare me how the government is supposed to give us more jobs.

  5. John, I understand your devotion to private sector job creation, and I agree that if we can get the private sector to generate jobs then less government intervention is necessary.

    However history shows that such projects such as the CCC, and WPA, created both temporary employment and also generated a lasting economic impact in the form of skilled and motivated workers.

    By the way, DARPA created the web. DARPA is one of the many big government programs that you seem to have knee-jerk opposition to. Without the web, Microsoft would not have enjoyed the explosive growth, but the PC wold have likely been a useful, but much more limited tool.

    We can probably agree that government programs work best when the programs are focused on building core infrastructure that free the private sector to use low-cost energy and other core infrastructure that was created through the government’s investment, to efficiently produce goods and services, rather than tossing grant money at midnight basketball or “community organizer” funding.

    • J. Tyler if you look at the alphabet organizations that FDR started, most if not all were short term projects that the Gov’t paid people to do. Once the project was done so was the employment. It was a TEMPORARY decrease in unemployment that FDR showed to the American people. Our unemployment rate was still at about 19% on December 6, 1941. This is the same FDR that tried to get”rich people” to pay over 90% in federal income taxes.
      I also disagre in that the workers were already motivated. They all wanted to work and when the feds offered them a job they jumped at it, just to keep food on the table. My father who was a young boy during the depression washed all the steps and landings in the six story walk-up every day for a nickel just to buy a loaf of bread for his family.

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