Posted by: Scott Lee | June 19, 2009

Pathetic Witch

This women should have her teeth kicked out!  What a witch! She should be “tarred and feathered”!

A “SENATOR”!  She thinks that is a big deal!  You work for us!  We pay your wage!  We are the ones who worked hard, not you! How dare you! You conceited, Marxist, blow hard!  You worked hard?  To do what?  Tax us to death!  To run for Senate?  That’s hard?  Is it hard running as a freakin huge Leftists on the “left” coast?   Worked?  Yeah, at destroying our country!

Who does she think she is talking too?  This is a very respectful GENERAL!  Let me see…. .Senator?… or decorated General?  I would rather be a General then some dirtbag, feminist, hating SENATOR!  Yet, this crazy women thinks she can scold him?

This women is just shy of a maggot, and it is amazing that anyone voted for her and ever would again.  Without her “self-aggrandized” senate seat she would be on the streets!

What a Witch!


We talked about it here.

Reminds me of Nancy Pelosi! And Maxine Waters!


  1. In your tirade: conceded should be conceited.

    What a Witch! should be, What a Bitch!

    I can tell this clip got you steamed. However, keep it in perspective. Mizzz Boxer is among those who have always held our military, especially its leadership, in contempt. It is a shame that her ego got into the way of her legitimate inquiry regarding some of the prioities and policies of the Pentagon.

    For the record, our military protocol calls for addressing elected officials by their title, or by sir or maam. The General was right to use maam, and Boxer was within her right to express her preference to be addressed as Senator.

    However, in insisting on the use of her title, Boxer comes off as arrogant; something that won’t play well with the citizens. Hopefully by the next election Boxer can claim a whole new title; that of, former senator.

  2. Clairese,

    Richard was always better at spelling than me!

    Thanks for the post!

    Unfortunately, I find this type of expression and attitude typical of the radical left and I am sick of it!

  3. Senator Boxer has outserved her welcome. Any body that has been in the senate for that long and being involed in one way or another with the military, knows that the term Ma’am is a show of Authority and respect when addressing a woman in the senate or the Congress! This was just a show as to try to embaress a general before all those present. This could and should have been requested AFTER this meeting and IN PRIVATE. Boxer’s contemp and arrogance was obvious for all to see. She made an arse of herself, alone.
    I love how the MOST TOLERANT have no respect not tolerance for those they disagree with. Let’s show these INTOLERANT people the door.

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