Posted by: Scott Lee | June 25, 2009

Guest host

The Lee Brothers will be filling in for the vacationing Doc Thompson!

Friday: 3-6 on WRVA! Monday:3-6, Tuesday: 3-6, and Wednesday:3-6.

Thanks for listening!

I know, we have big shoes to fill, but people always tune in to hear the train wreck!
What should be talk about?


  1. The Watson character was a miserable addition to WRVA. His constant ranting and contempt for the citizens who called his show, caused me to remove WRVA from the presets on my car radios. Who needs all that ranting while we are stuck in afternoon traffic, anyway?

    I wish that you could replace that show, permanently.

    Although you guys are very blunt, the few times that I have heard your Saturday program, you seem to at least allow those with differing views from yours, to have their say.

    Rather than the usual Watson-rant on Friday, ask your listeners to call in with constructive ideas. People have become accomplished at complaining these days, especially about the government. Let’s hear what they have to offer in the form of constructive solutions. Ask the listeners: If you were Governor, or President, what specific change(s) would you advocate that would turn our economy around, rebuild our manufacturing base, and/or improve our standard of living?

    By the way, no citizen who loves liberty, should EVER put the reigns of power back in the hands of the Republican Party. Another discussion topic could be: What political party should replace the Republican Party as the voice of citizens who have traditional values?

    • J.Tyler
      A better idea is how can we wrest power from the liberal anti-traditional American, progressive, fascist democrats and return ourselves to a true CONSTITUTIONAL republic? We also need to remind them WE HAVE THE POWER and they are there to serve at our pleasure. Term limits would be a good thing. Hey the President has to deal with it. Why not the senate and the congress?
      Glenn Beck said of both parties ” they will both take you to the same place. But the Republicans are using a slow boalt to China. While the democrats are using a rocket sled on rails!” I do agree that the republican party has become “progressive”, too. They too, have gotten arogant when it comes to their constituants.

  2. J Tyler,

    I am a little confused about your mention of Mac Watson. Mac is no longer on WRVA.

    Doc Thompson has taken his spot(about 2 years ago) and does a GREAT job! Doc handles the issues extremely well and has a great understanding of conservatism and our source of Freedom! Put your radio back on WRVA!

    Good ideas for topics. I appreciate your input! Speaking of ranting: thats usually me, but Richard keep me in line!


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