Posted by: Scott Lee | July 3, 2009

Travesty at SML!

In case you don’t know, the Lee family has a place at Smith Mountian Lake!  We absolutely love it!  It is one of the best lake’s on the east coast.  But something awful has happened…they closed the cliffs!  The cliffs are located on the Franklin County side of the lake and offer a great place to climb and jump!  It has been a “point of interest” and great pastime for as long as I can remember.  My kids have built memories there and so have I!  But no longer!

Why?  Because stupid, cock-eyed liberals exist everywhere…even at the lake! is the newscast. 
Listen to this idiot!   “One person hurt is too many”….wow…what a hard hitting statement.  We have lost the concept of personal responsibility!  He has never even jumped!  How does he know anything about it?  Just like every other Liberal who thinks he know better how to live your life!  He probably to scared because he’s a wimpy girlie-man!

So why else close the cliffs…ready…..the environment!  What a goof!  “Most importantly is the beauty.  Too much foot traffic and it has hurt the plants!”  WHAT!  Oh , please!    Once again, liberals care more about a little stupid plant than Americans having fun and enjoying life!

I bet he voted for Obama!  Puke!


  1. Scott, do ya think? I love liberal moon bats! They feel they have the rights to protect every one and everything from what they believe is dangerous. Oh my word, the plants are getting stepped on. Has this BOOB ever seen a DEER PATH? Yes friends, deer stomp on the plants, too! As do bears, racoons, possum and beavers. So what would be his solution to that dilemma? So I guess that the “indiginous peoples” were also treading on the local flor and fauna, too. I’d pay to see this nut try to stop an “injun” from killing a deer. That fool would get the next arrow and a sixty second “scalp treatment”!

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