Posted by: Scott Lee | July 22, 2009

The True Legacy of Walter Cronkite

     “The 1968 TET Offensive broke the back of the Viet Cong insurgency in South Viet Nam. We lost more guerilla fighters than could be replaced. Any North Viet Namese unit that openly dueled with American units were decimated (it was far worse) by the combination of ground, artillery and air support. Had it not been for the American media and the way they reported the battle, the war would have been over by December of that year.”  This quote is from General Giap, commander of the North Viet Namese army and Viet cong.
      Walter Cronkite was the first national  anchorman/”journalist” to state his opinion on national TV. It was the tipping point for the American people for sticking with the war in Viet Nam. After all, Mr. Cronkite was a trusted man and he had an emotional connection the American people……..his coverage of the JFK assassination. He reported his opinion as fact and the country followed his lead. The counter culture were already protesting against the war. Now a “main stream American” was asking how we can defeat such a strong enemy. Had he know the numerical facts of the battle, he might not have been so fast to report we lost the battle. If he did know and reported that anyway, it is even worse.
      If Gen. Giap is right, our media, led by people like Mr. Cronkite, extended the war in Viet Nam. In extending the war they extended the list of our men who were wounded, captured and killed in action which led to America abandoning south Viet Nam. I know that the first Amendment of the Constitution guarantees freedom of the press.  This is not Yellow Journalism, it is RED journalism. I am not speaking of just the socialst/communist ideals. I am speaking of the blood of our fallen soldiers. There is no First Amendment protection for the press if it is getting our soldiers killed all because they have a political agenda.
      Let us fast forward to both Desert Storm and the present war on terrorism. Sen. Kennedy, in both cases proclaimed from his “safe” seat in the Senate, “25,000 ocupied body bags coming home”. The media dutifully covered it from coast to coast. How many others in the Senate and House of Representatives spoke out against our troopers saying “your President lied, you(the soldiers) cannot win this war, and you( the soldiers, again) are fighting this war for BIG OIL and BIG BUSINESS”*. And once again there is the media broadcasting every dissenting word, like it is fact. Where were the stories and the other side of the argument. It was almost non-existent, except for the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.
     It is funny, at least to me, that Dan Rather eulogized Walter Crionkite. You remember Mr. Rather. He was the CBS Anchor man that tried to take down President G.W. Bush with a fictitious document with a FORGED signature! Had it not been for a savvy computer programmer, Dan Rather just might have pulled off his “framing” of President Bush. I wonder if Mr. Rather would like to be arrested for murder on the evidence of a FICTICIOUS DOCUMENT WITH A FORGED SIGNATURE? The sad part is that the media is still trying to impliment a socialist utopia using the tactics of both Mr.’s Cronkite and Rather.

                     John Savarese (A Honorary Lee Brother and Guest Blogger)

PS * Tokyo Rose was senetenced to life imprisonment, as a war criminal, for telling our soldiers in the south Pacific YOU CANNOT WIN THIS WAR, YOUR PRESIDENT LIED TO YOU and YOU ARE FIGHTING THIS WAR FOR BIG OIL AND BIG BUSINESS. Just a question, if it is a war crime for MS. Rose to say these words why is it not sedition or TREASON for any American let alone Senatores, congressmen and our current President to say these things?


  1. Mr. Cronkite has just recently passed away. His family and friends are still in mourning.

    That you use the occasion of his passing to attack this gentleman, speaks volumes about your lack of character, and does nothing to detract from Mr. Cronkite’s.

    • J.tyler………This “gentleman” helped prolong a war that, according to Gen.Giap, North Viet Nam had lost in 1968. How many more names are on the Wall in D.C. because of his and others reporting their opinions? How many more sons, fahters and brothers did not come home? And you call my character into question? TAKE A HIKE! I have been speaking out agaisnt people like him for years.

  2. Its about time someone speaks the truth I was brought up in a orphanage who gave three young men up in Vietnam yes they all were close to me and yes they were my brothers as far as I am concern Now i have a son who is serving who recently came back from Iraq these young men gave their lives for other peoples freedom you all say you want freedom are you willing to fight for it. It is time to fight tyranny with the truth so join us in this frontier

  3. Detract from Mr. Cronkite? This guy led the way for reporting the OP/ED. Not the news. He turned the tide of a war we were winning to a war we lost pollitically. In the end more American Soldiers died. They were the lucky ones. The troopers who survived have had to live with being treated like murderers and war criminals.
    Cronkites example of objective reporting has carried over to our current joke of a news media. They report what they want to report. They show the I.E.D. attacks but they don t report the victories. They show the pine boxes draped in flags but don t tell the stories of heroism that take place everyday in combat zones around the world.
    All of this stellar reporting leads to turning the public opinion……which in our opinion( the soldiers) doesn t matter because you re not sacrificing anything anyway. But because of your uneducated opinion you vote in cut and run politicians who care about the rights of our enemy before the safety of our troops. This all adds up to more of my brothers coming home in boxes and mason jars……if they come home at all.
    So in closing I say this:
    Mr. Cronkite,
    because resting in peace is too good for you!

  4. J.Tyler Sorry your so hurt that someone told the truth about A TRAITOR , he cause more harm to our troops in nam since both of my brothers and several cousins were fighting there .
    he said the war was lost after we had just won the TET Offensive , because of him ,the communist north was reenergized , making the war go longer. We were just about to have the north come to the peace tables and surrender till then .
    face the fact that the man was a internationalist and a progressive socialist

  5. AMAZING ,

    Folks seem to FORGET mr cronkite went to hue in vietnam to do reseach on the situation before making his comment.
    What Mr Cronkite saw made him CHANGE HIS OPINION of what was actually goin on there .
    Mr Cronkite gave very few opinions of his own cuz he had Mr Eric Sevareid there to offer commentary when commentaries were presented . Which when Mr Cronkite DID offer his opinion is was more POWERFUL cuz it hadnt been diluted by endlessly offering comments in the past.

    Keep in mind offering endless comments without checking the facts and doin the reseach IN PERSON makes your commentaries weaker.



  6. great read on cronkite my fahter was a korean war vet and could not stand cronkite he always said news media sucks believe none of what you hear and half of what you see it is time to make the news media accountable for their actions if they commit treason they should be liable just as berlin betty or tokyo rose

  7. Wow….Lemonpecker ….once again you get it wrong….. I m smellin a little de’ javu here. Haven t we had this spat before? IT S NOT ABOUT YOU, THE REPORTERS, THE POLITICIANS, OR THE 1ST AMENDMENT……. IT S ABOUT THE TROOPS.

    His opinion shouldn t have mattered. He should have reported the news. His consultants opinion shouldn t have mattered. They should have reported the news. Because they didn t …….. MORE AMERICAN LIVES WERE LOST.

    The only experts they should have consulted were the troops on the ground…….. They did and still have a different point of view than a TV reporter in a cushy studio with running water and heat in the wither and AC in the summmer and a wife to go home to…… the list goes on.

    As it goes for saying we re just bringing up these facts now…… That s a joke too because Vietnam vets on both sides have been saying the same thing for years. Maybe you should shut up for 5 minutes and listen to a vet. We re the ones with boots on the ground. We know whats going on.

    Now if you ll excuse me I m going to waterboard my neigbors cat as practice for my next deployment…….

  8. LOL Craig ,

    I find it facinating YOU COULD NOT DEBUNK ONE POINT I MADE IN MY POSTING about cronkite.

    I also find it interesting ROBERT MCNAMARA’S death got ZERO comments here as of this very moment, after all he was one of the top supporters for goin to war in nam on such a large scale.

    Time has proven once again who was eventually correct about veitnam and it was mr cronkite.


  9. Were you there Lemonpecker? Did you face the heat and the dust and fog of war? Have you picked your buddies off the battlefield and carried some to safety and some to their final trip home. Did you visit those buddies in the VA or talk to thier parents on thier behalf when you got home? You talk as if you did or Cronkite did. He s a REPORTER NOT ONE OF THE TROOPERS. As a matter of fact most of the reporting in Vietnam was done after the fact when the bullets stopped flying. There were those rare execptions like the guy who wrote We Were Soldiers.(His name escapes me right now. Great book if you ever get the chance to read it)
    I have debunked your points time and again. You said it yourself. When he offered his opinion …… HERE S A NEWS FLASH: REPORTING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THE SUBJECT. IT HAS TO DO WITH THE FACTS. When it came to Vietnam Cronkite, McNamara and LBJ were dead wrong and they got more of our trops killed because of thier inexperience and foolish policies. McNamara can pull up a seat next to Cronkite as far as I m concerned.
    By the way since when does 58,000 of our troops dead to 2.5MILLION…….LEMME SAY IT AGAIN : 2.5 MILLION DEAD NVA equal a loss in our book. Last time I checked the infantry filed that chapter under WHOLESALE MURDER.
    Here s some truth: WE WON THE VIETNAM WAR MILITARILY. YES……. Contrary to what all your pothead hippie teacher taught you( who probably haven t served either) WE WON……. By the way ….When was the last time you stopped to thank a vet for your freedom? We re always glad to hear it. Somehow lately though all you civilians are too wrapped up in CHANGE to throw a bone to the Dogs Of War who gave and continue to give you your constitution and everything else you hold so dear.

  10. Grant, I purposely started my piece with a quote from a man that Ho chi Minh FIRED after the TET offensive because he lost over 35,000 men and potentially LOST THE WAR. So it is apparent that it is you that will not face the facts and observations of the North Viet Namese general who had admittedly LOST battle known as the 1968 TET Offensive and the war! So in essence, Grant, General Giap DEBUNKS” you and states that Cronkite was and still is wrong.

  11. John ,

    Care to share the exact date that quote of general Giap’s became known in the USA? How long AFTER the TET offensive did the quote occur and be released to the american public?

    Also your 3rd paragraph begins with this sentence ” IF GEN.GIAP IS RIGHT,OUR MEDIA , LED BY WALTER CRONKITE , EXTENDED THE WAR IN VIETNAM. I must point beginng a posted sentence with the word IF INDICATES THE SENTENCE CANNOT BE PROVEN TO COMPLETELY TRUTHFUL WITHOUT QUESTION.

    IN regards to Craigs question about me being there , he needs not know where i was at that time but he best believe if not for Walter’s comments LBJ WINS IN 1968 AND NIXON NEVER BECOMES PRESIDENT BECAUSE AS HE BELEIVES THE AMERICAN PUBLIC THOUGHT WALTER WAS A COMMIE AND THEY DIDNT PAY HIM NO HEED.

    Pity Craig doesnt have a “1968” screenname like moi. HMMMMMM

    Grant accepted Lee’s surrender at Appomattox 1865 .Study History and Timelines, they often reveal charlatans pretending to revise history to fit thier agenda.


  12. Not being where? Alive during that time? Or alive during that time serving with a COMBAT UNIT. Lemme say this again: A COMBAT UNIT ( Infantry, Rangers Special Forces) that was in country during the period of the Vietnam conflict. Or were you one of the fortunate rich kids who could stay home and protest the war because college kept you exempt from being drafted. The reason I ask is because I don t know too many vets who talk of defeat over there. Everyone I talk to said we burned them at every head on engagement.

    Bottom line is the media now is doing the same hatchet job on the conflict I ve served in and I refuse to go quietly into the night while they try to change history . All because they saw Cronkrap do it. As for saying this after he died….. Im pretty sure you can tell by now I m not shy about stating my case …..face to face or not.

    My statement stands…… R.I.H. ……. in spades to the both of them….. Cronkite and McNamara.

  13. LOL Craig ,

    You are sending BOTH MCNAMARA & CRONKITE THERE???????

    Talk about trying to have it BOTH ways … GEEZ. 2 OPPOSING viewpoints about VIETNAM , Yet you consign BOTH to hades , simply AMAZING.


  14. Plus

    Notice how Cronkite’s WATERGATE coverage isnt attracting any negative comments .Guess the american public decided he was more trustful on that too. I sence a pattern.


  15. now Grant I’ll let you in on a little secret. I used the word IF like a teacher at the head of a class. It is to lead you to a conclusion by using your brain. But i forgot yours was destroyed by liberalism. I have met more people in my 52 years that have been in country during and after TET and every one of them would tell you in not such polite terms how wrong you are. But I will leave that for them. At least J.Tyler knows when he is beat but you just keep coming back for more.
    By the way the quote I used was from Giap’s biography. I also heard it on a PBS broadcast about the Viet Nam war. I guess PBS got it WRONG, too. Hey that just may make PBS a shill for the conservative movement, huh?

  16. John ,

    If youn truely berleive you are correct you will answer these2 questions: When did gen Giap make his “The TET offensive broke the back of the Viet Cong insurgeny South Vietnam ” comment? AND When did that EXACT statement become known in the USA by the american public?

    Til you can answer those 2 questions here on this blog , your whole premise is based on the sentence your 3rd paragraph starts with —-> IF Gen Giap is right <—– not a very strong statement to show proof.


  17. Grant……………use google for both. Just because you never read it does not mean it has never been written. In the time you have wasted demanding an answer from me, you couold have found it on google. Do your own homework. If I can find it so can you, By the way google Walter Cronkite/ progressive socialist, you might not like what you see.
    By the way, Grant, are you pro Constitution?

  18. Hey John ,

    Keywords would be what for that google search?
    You should know since you are the one quoting Gen Giap .
    BUT i will do it for you :

    This site reveals any comment made by Gen Giap involving walter cronkite to be an unfounded rumor as well as the north vietnamese being ready to admit defeat.

    This should be interesting

    i await your response lol.


  19. BTW that site lists the book named as containing the quote (WHICH IT DOESNT) as being printed in 1976 .


  20. General Giap only confirmed what our vets already knew. We won every head on engagement we had with the NVA. Just ask a vet. That s all I ve been trying, begging, pleading with you to do. JUST ASK A VET!!!!!!!!! If you reall wanna know what s going on in a combat zone you ask a vet. For example, if you wanna know what s going on or if we re winning the war on terror you should ask me or anyone in my company or platoon. To a man each of us can tell you the same story. I ll bet my life on the media telling you something different. As a matter of fact that s whats happened and is happening now. All to lead you down the road to believe the war is lost. That s what Cronkite did and he paved the way for the media to do the same thing now.

  21. BTW

    Gen Giap is still alive

  22. Then I guess PBS got it wrong too. Because that is where I heard it first. So I am to believe that they did not do their homework either? too many people know the truth, which you can’t handle.

    By the way you never answered my inquerie as to the constitution.

  23. John , because this is a thread on Walter Cronkite and not on the US Constitution so dont try to SWITCH TOPICS while trying to wiggle off the hook you got stuck on.

    If you want a constitution comment start a thread .


  24. Like i said before, I GUESS BOTH PBS AND I GOT IT WRONG?????

  25. I noticed you dont mention which PBS program you got that info from or when it aired

    Equally amazing is the FACT waited til the 16th post to mention PBS ,why ont mention that in the originial post?

    Since i havent seen the PBS show in question at this point i cant say if PBS got it wrong or you misunderstood what PBS said wrong.


  26. Grant,
    You are right about one thing. I should have mentioned my sources. But I don’t exactly keep a log of the time and dates of the shows I have seen on TV. You see, that is what blew me away about the quote. To hear something like that from PBS was astounding. Because PBS is not exactly your bastion of conservative thought. Hey for that reason alone I should have written that date down! By the way in the 1968 TET offensive, the NVA and VC lost a combined 45,000 men. Combined Allied losses( American, Australian, South Korean) were 1536 KIA, wounded 7764 and MIA 11. So yes we won the battle and Kronkite lied about the outcome.

  27. John

    I still find it amazing one anchorman on one network had that much influence . Where are the NBC & ABC anchor’s comments?

    Keep in mind back then Korea was still a recent memory moreso than WW2 . Did Walter forsee another Korea stalemate developing?
    Did the american public see a potential stalemate developing?
    Did many of the troops there see it as well?


  28. Grant,
    Kronkite was a news man not a military anylist. he would not know a victory from a defeat. If Kronkite were honest and reviewed the facts of the war, he would have had to admit his mistake. but since he belonged to an organization that was then and still is trying to bring about world governance he would still lie to the American public. Here is a quote from Kronkite in 1999…..” some of my countrymen will have to give up some of their sovereignty” to you read constitutional rights. You can see the video at youtube. Just put in “Walter Kronkite/ new world order. So here we go back to the Constitution

  29. John , ‘

    You can try all you want but the facts remain this . Cronkite stated an opinion and based upon how his reputation was AT THE TIME the american public concluded he was giving a more accurate assesment of the situation than what the govt was giving the public.

    Think what happens if you use your standards on folks now that offer opinions on topics.Do you really wanna go that route?


  30. Grant that is your opinion of his reporting. When Cronkite went to Hue, he refused to go and see the enemy dead. He did not have the stomach for it. So his opinion stated was wrong. Get over it.

  31. Are we still debating over this agenda driven retard. I m sure he s at least halfway decomposed by now and we re still fighting over him. He doesn t deserve all of this attention. Rot In Hell Walt…… have a nice day.

  32. John ,

    And you know that is fact how? Why would seeing enemy dead matter? If anything the fact so many were willing to die may have been the catalyst for Mr Cronkite to realize that why they were willing to die in large number the desire of the americans there to die in larger number had vanished.

    Keep in mind the vietnamese had been battling since 1946 versus various folks so the desire they had to die had to be far greater and more instilled in then than what the american troops there could ever have felt.


  33. How would you know Grant? You weren t there. This is the reason we ( the military) despise you ( the sheep) You make uniformed decisions without knowing the facts. Then you vote for people who are just as spineless as you. Who, in turn wind up screwing us. War s a dirty business bud. If you don t have the stomach for it then don t have an opinion either. Your opinions and people like you are the reason my brothers get killed. And we re pretty sick of it.

  34. Craig ,

    1. Cronkite was CREMATED .

    2. Dein Bein Phu 1954 <—- google this incident and read HISTORY.

    3. Take a lession from John on the art of debate.


    Why do i get the feeling it was a craig type person who shot stonewall?

    • Grant,
      I have been doing more research on Cronkite. He was a anti Constitution New world order supporter.That is what this blog is all about. Not your opinions on battles you never truly researched. I have read both sides of TET. I have spoken with many vets who were there and with very few exceptions they will tell you WE WON THE BATTLE AND WERE WINNING THE WAR. According to the readng I have done recently, Hanoi was following the reporting from the major American news media and concluded that they could “win” the war not by victories on the battle field but by out lasting the American will to fight in the light of the reporting being done in America.
      About the enemy dead, go back to one of my post of 8/03/09 and review the actual casualty numbers. Then ask yourself how did we LOSE a battle when we lost less than 1000 men compared to the NVA and VC losing 45,000? And I am guessing you never checked out that YOUTUBE video of Cronkite.

    • Grant,
      One more thing, don’t antagonize Craig. When you’ve been in combat, your art of debate is…these are the facts get over it. All the nuance in the world is useless to those who have been there and is completely tedious to them. One more thing…….HE IS IN THE STONEWALL BRIGADE. EVER FOOWARD!

  35. John,

    I’ll let the folks reading this thread decide who has been the more antagonistic.

    And the fact remains to the viet cong 45,000 wasnt as big a loss of life than the 1,000 americas due to them being used to that from previous battles.
    Cronkite saw this happen before in WW2 with the Japanese so he knew the course the USA was taking was doomed.

    Plus the American public, “the silent majority “,musta agreed with him cuz why else vote for Nixon or Wallace in 1968 against Humphrey cuz a vote for either Nixon or Wallace was a vote showing agreement with Cronkite’s viewpoint


  36. Then again based on what other topics are getting for responses there may be very few visiting this blog that feel inspired to post regardless of the topic, let alone even care if it exists.

    Kinda ironic a guest blogger’s topic has generated the greatest exchange here too.


    • Grant
      this is more like a political conversation over coffee. It’s just that I’m having my coffee here. Milk w/ one sugar?

  37. GRant,
    the 45,000 during TET was a tremndous loss to the NVA and VC. They never mounted another attack like it for the rest of the war. that is the fact. Going back to WW2 I believe that in April of 1945 we lost over 10,000 men on the front line in europe. Hell we lost over 6000 on D-Day.
    In final hindsight observation (not opinion) according to the Viet Namese government it was the American national news media that gave them the victory because it destroyed the American will to perservere to victory.
    It made their setbacks and outright defeats on the battle field “sustainable”. It is conservaticely estimated that the medias prolonging of the war added over 20,000 KIAs to the Ameiocan military. That is 20,000 American lives lost do to reporting of opinions rather than facts. the american media does not have the “freedom of the press” to get our sons killed.

  38. John,

    It is also very interesting how over time Vietnam became a more stable place in the world than korea ended up being. Bush’s visit there was the best evidence supporting that .


    • Grant,
      This is not a thread about Vietnam but on the treason committed by the politcally driven media and people like Cronkite. I guess you never checked out that video where he aluded to Americans giving up “some of our sovereignty.” Translate that into giving up our God given inalienable rights to some world goverment. That is something that I will not do!

  39. Anon ,

    In Fact you havent proven any treason did occur. The HISTORY shows how the Korean and Vietnam wars were handled that in Vietnam’s case the folks who spoke out against how it was being run ended up being the correct ones. And that Included Mr Cronkite.

    And i must repeat if you view Mr Cornkite’s actions as treasonous then you must also cite Richard M Nixon’s campaign against Humphrey as equally treasonious.. Ball in your court now.


  40. Grant,
    If I could show you the pages of material where the North Viet gov’t stated how they could TOLERATE the lossed in the field knowing that the Main Stream media was reporting the opposite , destroying the American will to win the war. So go check that video where he is selling out the U.S. in the name of globalism. THAT IS TREASON

  41. Re my post of Aug 6 at 10:22 am:

    As i said 45,000 loses to the viet cong wasnt as bad to them as the loss of 1,000 amercians were to americans

    • If you check your history, that is where you would be wrong. You are giving me your opinion where as I am going by what I have read from the, then, North Vienamese military complex. Also,according the those same sources, had the American media reported the facts of the battles, not their opinions, the American people would not have given up!

  42. GRant,
    ONce again you are going back to Vietnam and this is about Cronkite with his opinions, not facts. Please keep this thread about the subject, Cronkite. I have already used facts to refute your opinions.

  43. In fact wasnt this debate about Cronkite’s opinion on Vietnam ?

    As such the eventual status of Vietnam is infact vindication of Uncle Walter’s opinion way back in Mar 1968.

  44. Not according to Ho Chi Minh and General Giap. and those are the opinions to me

  45. John.

    One more time:

    Ho Chi Minh died in 1969. He comments up to his death were discounted here .

    General Giapo’s comments were not known in the usa until 1975.

    Facts are Facts


  46. ONe last time, Giaps opinions were there before the end of the war. the fact that they came out after the war does not change what their strategy was during the war which was to out last the Americans while American media mis-reported the war. And for the last time this is about Cronkite, the press in general and the legacy of mis reporting the battles our soldiers fought in. You are a prime example of thier handiwork. If you would read from both sides of the combatants you could understand these things.

  47. Try all you want, The fact remains 99. 9 % of americans didnt know of gen giaps comments til years afterwards and they cannot be used to counter public perception after what Cronkite said which was known by a far far far larger number of americans in march 1968 .

    Hawks back then DID NOT get gen Giaps comments released into the press very much to enable the american public to make a choice based on what Gen Giap said vs what Walter Cronkite said.

    And to use a comment not released to the american public for 6 years to offset a comment made and released to the public at the same time is at best a sign of desperation.

    Besides why would any american citizen beleive what Gen Giap was saying cuz after all he was one of the supposed leaders of the enemy?

    For you analogy to work we need to now beleive comments by folks like Putin and KIM and the leaders of Iran. Cuz they are in similiars postition that gen Giap was in the spring on 1968.

  48. it is immaterial what we Americans knew. at the time of the war. But it speaks to your ignorance of what the north was going by during the war.
    Remember TET was in ’68 and Ho died in ’69 so that was THEIR (Giap an Minh’s} strategy. your arguments are beinnig to really get lame now. I’ll bet uyo are under 30 years old

  49. it is immaterial what we Americans knew. at the time of the war

    If that was true then then LBJ was wronged by anyone who criticized him.Cuz as president he was the ultimate head of how things were to de done in Vietnam.

    But it speaks to your ignorance of what the north was going by during the war.

    Oh Really???? what American citizens would have known what was goin on in North Vietnam in jan 1968?And precisely how would they have gained access to that info?

    You keep saying the comments of Gen Giap reflected what was goin on in Vietnam during this time ,yet not only were his comments unknown to 99.9% of americans then but even you admitted he was replaced . Which tells me no matter what he said it wasnt in agreement with the powers that be in North vietnam at that time.(Which weakens your case he was in fact speaking for North Vietnam’s govt).

    BTW in regards to the age bet i will quote Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry ” Well do you feel lucky? Well do you?”



  50. Yet again you civilian tards don t get it……… YOUR OPINION DOESN T MATTER…..DAMN…. YOU PEOPLE DON T GET IT DO YOU………. All you people who didn t have the balls to serve during the Viet Nam war owe an apology to the guys wo did. You and the media were the reason more soldiers died. The position of the military then was to stand down when it came to war protesters…… Not anymore…. At least in my chain of command. We ve been encouraged to tell what we ve been through even if it means a bar fight and a black eye. (You shoulda seen the other guy)

    As for the Stonewall comment LEMONPECKER……
    I take that personally. I serve in the Stonewall Brigade 3/116 29 I.D. The men that have served from then until now are men of honor and have fought for your rights and freedoms. I find it a great insult for you to make a joke out of an infantry battalion with such great history…… But then again I expect nothing less from a coward ……… Cheers…..

  51. 2/3 rds of age eleigble men didnt serve in Vietnam including such luminaries as RICHARD CHENEY & RUSH LIMBAUGH.
    I wonder when folks who reject my opinions will also reject their opinions .

    ………. Cheers……..

    Least i registered and never ever applied for a defermant during the vietnam war time frame.

    ………Cheers ………


  52. As for the Stonewall comment
    I take that personally. I serve in the Stonewall Brigade 3/116 29 I.D. The men that have served from then until now are men of honor and have fought for your rights and freedoms. I find it a great insult for you to make a joke out of an infantry battalion with such great history ……… Cheers…..

    BTW ,

    That opinion of Stonewall Jackson is not to be found in places like Indiana . Ohio , Or Minnesota , where in fact Jackson is viewed as a traitor to this very day. In fact many in the north wanted Davis ,Lee and other surviving leaders of the Confederacy executed. And the fact Jackson didnt survive the war was no great loss to many up North.


    • Screw the North and anywhere else Stonewall was considered a traitor. The man was a brilliant military mind. As a matter of fact his strategies are taught at West Point. But I guess you already knew that being a former soldier yourself…… Oops… I forgot….. you re just one of the sheep. You never served…… Never saw combat…… Never missed home so bad you wanted to puke…… Just another snot nosed civilian with a misguided opinion…… Matter of fact ….. SCREW YOU…… Have a nice day you clown!!!!!

  53. Hmm,

    Seems to me a “brilliant military mind” would know far better than to allow himself to end up in a position to get shot by a member of his fellow troops.
    He had to realize his value to the cause was so GREAT , getting injured or killed would do great HARM to the cause.
    Plus if the military has such a large reservior of “brilliant military minds ” within it’s ranks , why do so many DUMB battle plans occur .Unless of course some other non USA military group has minds more brilliant at miltary tactics than the ones we had which make their moves look dumb.

    Maybe GOD will point out this discussion to Walter to let him know have this thread has over the last month been created cuz of him.

    This is a Prime Example of how a debate should be done on a topic.

    No Call Screeners,
    No Time Limits,
    No Blocking of Phone Numbers,
    No ( well very little) shouting,
    No character assasinations after end of the phone call with no ability to respond.
    Heck this is a better forum than calling in when you think about it.
    In fact it reminds me of the days of Alden AAreo , Tim Timberlake , Jerry Lund & Lou Dean formatted shows back when WRVA was the #1 overall station in Richmond.
    Ahh yes the art of debate is alive and well here for all who stumple across it to see.( which may be all of 5 or 6 folks based on responders to this and the other topics on this blog).
    Just wish they would post comments.


  54. This site – Ideas For Summer Vacation Activities was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Thanks!

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