Posted by: Scott Lee | August 2, 2009

Obama’s Science Advisor

You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps!  At least that is how most people do it.  Unless your a liberal, loon that over looks Obama’s radical connections (of course, to some these people aren’t radical)!  Or, perhaps, Obama didn’t know he held these views? 🙂

Obama’s science advisor is one of these radicals!  He has claimed that trees should be able to sue and America should de-develop, in fact, zero growth!  But he didn’t end there, he says that a newborn child “will ultimately develop into a human being” if he or she is properly fed and socialized.

We talked about it here.

It used to be that we could laugh at these people but now they are leadingour country!



  1. Scott,
    I truly believe that the Obama presidency will be historic indeed. With the amount o UNCONSTITUTIONAL apppointments he has made. I believe he will be reomved from office before his four years are up.

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