Posted by: Scott Lee | August 19, 2009

Senator Webb form letter

Send an email to Senator Webb and get the below form letter.  

There so much crap in here but I want to address this one issue that all big, bleeding heart, bed-wetting liberals think is a winning issue!

 I love this one, “including provisions to prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.”   I know we all wish those evil companies wouldn’t be so mean, but maybe we need a business lesson. People buy insurance to transfer risk from themselves to another…insurance companies agree to assume that risk at a certain price.  Why should an insurance company ever assume the risk of someone who already has proven to be an active risk?  This would be tantamount to you looking for auto insurance after you get in an accident! Maybe, big and bad, Jim Webb can come to the rescue of all those people who have car accidents without auto insurance…how dare they not insure those drivers!!

Let’s pretend that Webb and the other loons in the Senate get their way and force insurance companies to “insure” people who are already in need of health care.  What would happen?  Prices will rise at a huge rate for the healthy!  So, once again, you will pay more even while you complain that health care is too expensive!  Not to mention the other unintended consequences of government involvement!  But logic and facts don’t matter when emotions are involved!

Dear Mrs ______;
To follow-up on your earlier correspondence regarding health care reform, I wanted to update you on where this issue stands.
            As you may know, Congress has adjourned for the month of August without enacting health care reform.  During the coming weeks, I will be carefully examining the reform proposals currently on the table. The fact that the legislation is now on hold will give Congress the opportunity to study these proposals carefully and to hear from interested citizens.  It is important for us to be very deliberate on an issue of such importance to the lives of our people.
            I have stated on several occasions my concerns that the Obama administration should have begun the process with a clear proposal that could have been the starting point for the work of the five separate congressional committees charged with responsibility for this issue.  Without such a specific format, Congress has had difficulty crafting a bill of such challenging scope and complexity.  I am hopeful that the President will remedy this problem in the coming weeks.
            Currently in the Senate, two committees have jurisdiction over health care – the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee and the Finance Committee.  The HELP Committee has completed work on a health reform bill, the Affordable Health Choices Act.  This bill aspires to significant reforms in the health insurance market, including provisions to prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.  In the Finance Committee, negotiations continue on a reform package that might win support from both Democratic and Republican members of the Senate.  The success of these ongoing negotiations will be critical in determining whether a bill can be achieved this year.
            While most people are understandably satisfied with their health care, the system is not working for millions of American families.  Spiraling costs for health care have placed our biggest industries at a severe competitive disadvantage, as employers struggle to provide insurance for their workers.  By the same token, families are increasingly unable to depend on their health plans when they need them the most.  This has contributed to the mortgage foreclosure crisis and the rise in personal bankruptcies.  In

short, our nation’s continued economic recovery would be advanced by meaningful health care reform, although such reform must emphatically be reasonable in scope, cost, and impact.
            In the coming weeks and months, I encourage you to visit my website at <>  for updated information about the healthcare reform debate.  Additionally, the Senate Finance <>   and HELP Committees <>   have posted on their websites useful information about their respective proposals.
            Again, I thank you for your past correspondence on this issue.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me and my staff.
Jim Webb
United States Senator
JW: cc


  1. Do t liste to this clown for a second. He s a liberal through and through. All the fence sitting soccer moms and moderate “progressive R.I.N.O.s ” love this guy. But don t think for a second he s a conservative democrat. He and all the rest of the BLUE DOGS fell into lockstep with Nasy Pelosi on the war budget, abortion, the socialist budget bills, gun control……… the list goes on. Ol’ Born Fightin’ Jimbo here is a wolf in sheeps clothing and it s time we expose the blue dogs for what they are……… LIBERALS…… They can huff and puff all they want but when the time comes and its time to take one for the team Nasty Pelosi will pull her strings and Jimbo and the rest will get in line.

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