Posted by: Scott Lee | August 22, 2009

Don’t think for a second…..

that Obama’s version on health care will expand choice!  Pure garbage!

House bill H.R. 3200: One key proposal is to mandate an “essential benefit package” for every private insurance policy sold in the United States. Currently, individuals and employers usually make these coverage decisions. This legislation creates a new federal Health Benefits Advisory Committee that would decide instead. For example, if you are a single male with no children, the legislation still requires you to have maternity benefits and well-baby and well-child care coverage. You don’t want or don’t need that coverage? Sorry, you have to pay for it anyway.

Other planned agencies would give the federal government unprecedented and unaccountable control over your healthcare. The so-called Health Choices Administration and the National Health Insurance Exchange would set various standards for all health insurance policies.

No worries…these big, nasty new government programs will expand freedom and choice….utopia is just a few votes away! 

Puke.   We talked about it here!


  1. Just like the feds did with the Welfare Deptartment, they will spend seventy five cents from every dollar collected to PAY the federal beaurocrats who will be supervising this fiasco at multiple locations in every state of the union. The other twenty-five cents will go to actually paying for the health care.

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