Posted by: Scott Lee | August 22, 2009

Pan Am Terrorist released

Scotland let the terrorist free because he has cancer!  How caring and kind of them.  I am sure the victims families feel much better!

We talked about it here!

Email the one responsible:

Weak and liberal.  Fighting terrorism is not for the soft and whinny (Democrats).  It is for those who have the guts and fortitude to handle it!  This might explain the recent poll saying 7 in 10 Democrats say the war in Afghanistan wasn’t worth fighting!  Typical!



  1. What really shocked me was the response from the Obama camp. The same camp who wanna shut down Gitmo and ultimately release the same kinda animals back into the wild……. The pot calling the kettle black.

  2. It has been uncovered that the Prime Minister of England could have stopped the Scottish Prime Minister from releasing this butcher. It has also been uncovered that the Obama administration was alerted to this in advance of the media.
    there are now two main questions. 1) jwhat did the British goverment get for the release of this terrorist? 2) What took Obama so long to make a statement about his release?
    I am tired of these “leaders” who care more about how they appear to the world community than defending their own people. THAT INCLUDES OUR OWN PRESIDENT. I don’t give a tinkers damn how our enemies feel about us. The only thing I want them to fell is fear!

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