Spending on Military or Social programs

In terms of GDP, spending on defense has fallen steadily. In 1980, nearly 6 percent of the GDP went to defense. Today, defense’s share is about 4 percent. By 2014, it is estimated the defense budget will decline to little more than 3 percent of GDP. In light of the fact that providing for the national defense is one of the few things the Constitution actually requires Congress to fund — it’s a pretty fair price to pay.

On the other hand, entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid — those mandatory expenditures (so-called because they are expenses funded by permanent appropriations) — currently gobble up well over 11 percent of GDP. That’s equal to about 65 percent of our federal budget. And they continue to grow rapidly. In a grim message to the public, the Trustees Report on Social Security and Medicare states: “The financial condition of the Social Security and Medicare programs remains challenging. Projected long run program costs are not sustainable under current program parameters.” Social Security reserves will be gone by 2037. Medicare is even scarier, with reserves forecast to be exhausted by 2017!

Like trying to appease the monstrous Audrey II in “Little Shop of Horrors,” the desperate struggle to feed the ever-growing entitlement programs has already begun. The president has sliced nearly $1.5 billion from the missile defense program — despite growing threats from rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran. Rep. Barney Frank is calling for a 25 percent reduction in military spending. Said Frank in June: “I am of course struck that so many of my colleagues who are so worried about the deficit apparently think the Pentagon is funded with Monopoly money that somehow doesn’t count.” Funny, I thought that’s what was funding the stimulus and TARP programs!

Cutting national defense to pay for entitlements is akin to throwing good money after bad. It’s like canceling an insurance policy to pay for a crack addiction. Slashing the defense budget will do nothing to improve this recession. In fact, budget cuts would simply grow the unemployment numbers and leave America vulnerable in an unsafe world.

Absolutely right!  Very well said, I recommend reading the first part of the article….and see why Robin stands where she does! 

Do you think the radical left really cares or recognizes that all the things they want government to do aren’t even Constitutional? 

I think it says a ton that the one thing that is Constitutional…they hate! Like this, and this, and this!

Freedom isn’t free!

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