Posted by: Scott Lee | August 25, 2009

We have to raise taxes in VA or else…

say good bye to:

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Public safety
  • Other key services

Well…at least according to Michael Cassidy ( in the TD today!  Fear mongering at its best!  In other words, it is governments job to provide you health care, its governments job to educate your kid…so just pay more taxes so we (the government) can take care of you, or just bigger arms to hug you!

Here is Cassidy insanity:

Solving Virginia’s budget crisis in ways that ensure future economic growth is not for the faint of heart. It involves difficult choices that might not, at first, seem politically popular.  As a reminder, “difficult choices” do not include tax increases!  That is the easy, gutless thing to do! Much easier to go to the tax payer than to make necessary cuts…don’t give me this dribble about “difficult choices” and then suggest we raise taxes. Gutless wonder!

So far, though, Virginia’s policymakers…. have relied heavily on spending cuts to address the budget shortfalls we’ve faced in the past two years. For every $1 raised in new revenue, the state has made more than $33 in cuts.That just not fair!  I mean…who runs things like this…cutting spending??  What a crazy idea.  My own home and business has been doing it wrong…we have been cutting spending instead of increasing revenue!  But…I don’t have the ability to run to my neighbors and demand they fund my “needs”!

 These cuts have had significant, real-world consequences for Virginia families working hard to make ends meet. The $1.85 billion in spending cuts already enacted this fiscal year mean additional layoffs, (For who?, not me) reduced aid to counties and towns,which in turn means less services or higher local taxes (they can live within their means!), and reduced health care payments to hospitals.(perhaps government shouldn’t have gotten involved anyway??) They have put at risk the very public services Virginians value and demand: quality education for our children (that the parents job, not the state), health care for Grandma and Grandpa (I can handle that..thank you), and cops on the street to keep our neighborhoods safe(LIE-plenty of money for that when priorities are adjusted) — not to mention the niceties of modern life, like rest stops along our highways. 

…president’s budget director, Peter Orszag, have found that during a downturn, targeted tax increases are actually better for the economy than direct spending cuts.  Code for: we can spend it better then you can!  Let’s give it all to the Statists!  They know better then us!  They can supply us with a house, a car, health care, education, a government job, they can do it all!  Utopia!  We need to embrace the Amendment in our Constitution, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need!”  Do these pure, mental midgets really exist on the planet!  What a loon this guy is!  This explains Obama’s Presidency and Kaine’s Governorship….idiocy!

And then here comes the list of tax increases:

He who is faithful over little will be trusted with much… should we just keep giving to government as they waste it!  Government is not faithful! 

The one good thing with less spending is perhaps , just maybe, the people will realize they can actually live without the government in their lives!



  1. If I am not mistaken, hasn’t the state budget doubled in the last ten years? with all that spending, how did we “miss” fixing all the states problems? Neither mine nor my wife’s income has doubled.
    I guess that Mr. Cassidy believes that the government can spend what ever it wants and NOT have to worry about how to get more to spend! JUST TAX US TO DEATH

  2. […] and tyrannical…they just want to control your actions.  Remember, they actually think they can spend your money better then you and take care you better!  Promised utopia over […]

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