Posted by: Scott Lee | August 28, 2009

HR 3200 exposed

I constantly hear…”Oh … You Lee Brothers would hate anything Obama promotes!”  Well….yes…..but not just because its Obama its because he is a Marxist/Socialists/Statist and everything he promotes will be about making government bigger! His health care plan is no different!

Here HR 3200 is exposed:

This guy is obviously a racists!

Well done!

Then there is this commercial that ABC and NBC won’t play:


  1. Bobby Scott’s meeting tonite (sept 3 2009 at 7 pm ) was a blast !!!!!!!!

    2 highlights

    1 the older tea party person having to admonish the younger ones not to interupt Mr Scott while he answered.

    2 Bobby Scott whipping out his minature copy of the U S constitution in response to a question about it. LOL that brought 98 % of the room down LOL


  2. Bobby Scott carries a Constitution? Why?
    Since when does he care about that? When has he ever limited government, taxes, and/or regulation?

    People must have been laughing at the shock and audacity that he would even try to appeal to it!

  3. Actually most everyone (99% ) APPLAUDED Mr Scott when he pulled that copy out of his jacket pocket ( Guess you would remember that if you were there ) which totally flustered the person asking him the question .
    In fact NO ONE laughed , but you could see their jaws tighten cuz they realized Mr Scott was very well prepared for he questions they were gonna ask.

    Also of note was the Small Business comments presented by the Doctor in favor of reform which non of those opposed to reform even attempted to debunk.

    Overall it was very educational to attend andit cleared up some misconceptions i was hearing form those oppose to reform because of their lack of ability to get to their point directly without relying on others to help prompt them to ask certain questions ( Yes i am refering to that Claimed Military Person sitting in the front row)who kept goin to the podium with papers to help those in opposition .

  4. Hmmm
    The Times -Dispatch is hosting a joint town hall forum with Cantor & Scott on health care reform . i wonder if folks who attended previous Forums will be given preference for seating due to the small size of the forum’s room .
    Guess i’ll check.


  5. Hmmm,

    On listening to the show of Sat Sept 5 the caller named Marc?Mark ? spoke up about how a doctor was joking about filing extra charges to the federal gov to pay for medical services that had not been done. To me this strikes of fraud .
    Then the followup caller Saul? Paul? made a comment about comparing how auto & home insurance companies not having any involvement in what types of cars or homes a person bought in order to become insured and that this wasnt the case currently with health insurance companies in Virginia reminded me of those Bruce’s auto repair adds on Tv that claimed under virginia law you had the right to where your car was repaired and with genuine replacement parts instead of knock =off parts not of the same quality.
    The Law is cited here.

    Take note auto insurance companies were trying to use less than proper parts to replace company issued parts in repairs in order to save money til the Va legislature made modifications indicated in links at the bottom of the link.
    So i’m now left wondering if the same situation exists currently with the health care insurance companies using short cuts in health care for patients that needs care in order to save money while in fact those short cuts arent adequately providing proper care their customers paid for under the premiums paid to the health care insurance companies
    And that based on the previous experience of both Democratic & Repulbican general assembly laws addressing the questionable practices in auto repair that it’s high time those efforts be directed towards monitoring the health care companies currently selling policies in va.
    I just get the feeling health care insurance companies are spending tons of cash to derail reform which is ironic cuz that money had to come from inflated premiums paid by their customers. And when those customers put 2 and 2 together the actual reform may end up be more directed at how health care insurance companies operate than towards actual coverage of all folks.
    Which could very well benifit all folks wishing to have health care by forciing insurance companies to lower rates below what is now paid making health insurance affordable to larger majority.


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