Posted by: Scott Lee | August 31, 2009

The “radical” Bob McDonnell

The outrage, the uproar, the audacity of Bob McDonnell!    Supporting traditional marriage and the traditional family??  We know that it is so unacceptable today and, in fact, the biggest “crime” ……intolerance! 

Only problem…..most people agree with him!  I challenge you to read his thesis. context!  Including the quotes from Ronald Reagan (what a radical he was!)

Read it here.

Dirty Deeds…….done dirt (real) cheap!


  1. And who are … most people? Ghosts from the 1800’s?

  2. No Cold ,

    Most People detest “men” who view women in that light . What a typical “napolean complex ” thesis full of PUKE !!!!!

  3. And this guy wants to be Governor. His campaign slogan should be “Virginia… Let’s Send Her Back a Couple Hundred Years” LOL

  4. Hey Cold,

    What does Bob what to do to women? What is it that you object to in Bob’s thesis?
    or is it more fun just to make blanket statements and “feel good” comments?

  5. Lemnp..

    In what way does Bob view women? Let ask Judy Ford Wason, a women, the former Head of “Virginians for Mark Warner”:

    “I know and have confidence in Bob McDonnell. He respects and surrounds himself with strong working women. His daughter served our nation in Iraq. His campaign manager in 2005 was a working mom. As Attorney General he appointed women to run the public safety, opinions, civil litigation and transportation/real estate/environment and technology sections of Virginia’s Attorney General’s office. As the former head of “Virginians for Mark Warner”, and a pro-choice woman, I look for candidates who seek to bring people together and Bob McDonnell is doing this in his campaign. Bob has always respected and supported working women and will continue to do so. Virginians are worried about the future, not a decades-old academic paper. They are concerned about their jobs, the economy, public safety, education and transportation. These are the important issues that matter to men and women and these are the issues Bob will provide strong leadership to address as Governor.”

    Nice try Liberals…it is a stretch anyway…but when you have nothing but Socialist, big government policies you have got to try and find something that seems “radical”. Like someone who thinks it is a good idea to have a Mom and Dad, that divorce is bad, and that the baby in the womb might have an unalienable right….yikes! I am shaking in my shoes. What should scare you loons more than the fake con of “women’s reproduction rights” is his plan to allow Virginians to keep more of their money, reduce regulations, and lesson government burden because that might just remind people that they really don’t need big, bad government in their lives and they can make it without government (Democrats) help! That should scare you to death….boo!

  6. I really don’t need you to list all of his damage control statements. I’ve already read them. I’ve also read his backwards thesis. As for his daughter going to Iraq (Good for her). I’m an Iraq War Vet as well what’s your point. I guess serving in the military according to right wingers means I have to be lock-step with all your views.

    • hey coldwarning, having two sons there many times, what is your unit and your MOS? My sons’ units are the 3/116 A compnay 1st. Bat and the 4th security squadron Seymour Johnson AFB. both were part of the surge.

  7. Cold,
    I wasn’t making a point when I wrote Judy’s comments about his daughter serving our country. You might be a little sensitive to that issue, I didn’t write it..Judy did!

    I am not asking you to be “lock-step” with all my views! You can be a huge, big government nutjob and still be a great veteran…it is a bit inconsistent however. I mean..fighting for freedom then asking government to take it away by point of regulation and taxation, but thats another topic. You certianly are a bit sensitive to things I never mentioned and at the same time never addressing my earlier comments.

    In what way does Bob view women? What did you object to in the thesis? I noticed you called it “backward” but what specifically.

  8. Nothing…. You’ve convinced me. Trade me Big Government for a Big Church.

  9. I am guessing that Mc Donnell’s record means nothing? The fact that these liberal moonbats have to dig up a college thesis from how long ago to stry and sink an election is a sign of their desparation. If they did that for Presisdent Obama with his radical views, would thay have voted for him? They hold up this thesis like it is a murder confession while the liberal democrats trample on the constitution, destroying our freedoms. LIBERAL, SOCIALSIT,PROGRESSIVE, TRAITOR……..what’s the difference? NOTHING

  10. LOL

    i seem to recall much was made of James Webb’s books written while he was an adult.
    What’s the matter caught by yuor own rhetoric?

  11. Also ,

    Does this mean BOB wont support Palin after all?

  12. lemonpiper
    It’s funny how you agree with Michelle Malkin on this one. Even she disagreed with republicans using Jim Webb’s book excerpts “to win elections”. She continues….”I don’t think any of us should be cheering”. If using Webb’s book to try and defeat him was wrong, is using a college thesis paper equally wrong? Yes. Let them run on their records, not on their GPAs, thesis papers or where geographically they came from.

  13. The problem is Mcdonnell’s thesis reads like his version of “Mein Kampf” where he actually admits using it to base his political beliefs and later actions on.

    Women are the majority and if you treat em like dirt ( witness the reaction to the lee brother’s comments on women drivers post) they tend to reject those espousing said comments.

    Even now (Sept 2 1:23 pm ) WRVA has posted new reports of a poll that shows the gov race tighterning up.

    Now i wonder had this thesis been known 4 years ago would Deeds have won the attorney general’s race .

    • Grant,
      So when did you read Mc Donnell’s thesis? And comparing it to Mein Kampf, you must have read that too?
      so what passages in Mc Donnell’s thesis reminded you of passages that you have read in Hitler’s Mein Kampf? Just show me the similarities( quote chapter and verse) in the two documents. That’s all I demand, if you want anyone to take you seriously, that is.

  14. Like I stated before…………I don’t care about a 20 year old thesis nor did I care about the fiction that Webb published. When reasonable people look at Mc Donnell’s record and his plans for Virginians,I believe they will vote for him over Deeds. And that is all that matters to me.
    right now Mc Donnell is running on power jobs like oil, solar, wind, nuclear, coal and natural gas. Deeds is running on hot air
    By the way global warming is nothing but hot air!

  15. Well here is the “smoking gun” that will prove once for all that Bob McDonnell is covertly scheming to undermine the Commonwealth in the name of family policy.

    Here is the problem. The first 59 pages are descriptive, not prescriptive. They summarize legal and social science research literature containing the pages where the socalled offensive statements are presented by Bob. Pages 60 ff hold Bob’s 15 recommendations. Only someone enthusiastic about the demise of the traditional family would be offended by the recommendations.

    The people who pontificate about national healthcare reform bills even though they haven’t read them are using the same skill with Bob’s thesis. People should read the thesis!

    I guess Bob’s crime is that he doesn’t talk about the importance of job-creation in his thesis. Or perhaps, they want him to talk more about the family in the current campaign. That he doesn’t talk more about family issues is proof positive that he is disingenuous; he has no integrity. I thought “job creation” was a family value. True, job creation doesn’t necessarily lead to marital stability according to social economic theorists, but it does provide for the well-being of the spouse and children and make them more independent.

    It is a pity that discussing moral values in the context of family policy confuses the protection of institutions with “enforcement of morals.” Every institution has to have moral support for it to thrive. Without them it crumbles. Ironically, it is these same supports that sustain own family life, even though he is ashamed to acknowledge such to his radical left leaning base. Where is the integrity here?

    I can only conclude that Creigh Deeds with his vociferous opposition to every recommendation in Bob’s thesis is a covert proponent of the “permissive society.” Well, I want to live in Bob’s Virginia where family have a sphere of autonomy as a matter of social justice.

  16. Lemn…

    You said women are treated “like dirt” by McDonnell like we did on our radio show….what did he say or, more importantly, do to treat women “like dirt”? Come on Lemn….give some examples!

    Interesting that you compared Mein Kampf to McDonnell’s writings…..not surprised though! Your trying so hard to make McDonnell so radical, yet you missed the whole point of Main Kampf…it is a book on National Socialist Movement……it’s all about your beliefs!! Isn’t that funny!

    Maybe even more ironic is that you probably have read Mein Kampf and study it every night….yet never even read McDonnell’s pro-family (not pro-government) thesis!

  17. Scott go back to the post of mine you refer to and take note EACH paragraph is an indiviuald take on a different topic .

    1 mein kampf was a document written tha person later espoused as the basis for his decisions in governing. Mccdowell has himself he based his actions in the general assembly to reflect his commewnts in his thesis.

    2 . woemen are the majority as as proven on this very website if you treat em like dirt by making disparinging comments they will call you up and let you know they are not pleased ( as were your wives based on comments posted on this website)

    3 Polls are showing the race is tightening up based on polls quoted on your own news your station broadcasts.

    4 mcdowell won a very close race in 2005 against deeds after having as large a lead then as now. the question yet ot be answered will the existence of this thesis sway enough voters to not vote for mcdowell this time around to allow Deeds to win.

    4 paragraphs 4 different takes

    BTW there is another 2 headed talk show based in richmond since 1971. It started with Joe Kelly & Eddie Anderson and continues to this day with Joe Kelly & Ruth Kelly now that Eddie has passed on.


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