This says it all…

“For those who question the character and cause of my nation, I ask you to look at the concrete actions we have taken in just nine months.”

One little sentence in the middle of Obama’s speech to the UN says it all about his view of America and about who he thinks he is!

The first half, “For those who question the character and cause of my nation,” was fine.  In fact, it would be a great spring board into the great history of America and the great things we have done as a nation for the world.  Or it would be a perfect lead into to simply saying..stick it in your ear!  The first half of this sentence is obviously directed to the thugs and dictators in the room who have a problem with us…the correct response should have been one of indignation!  How dare you criticize this country!  The only country that feeds, cares, and protects the world!  The only country that offers the hope of real freedom and the only country that comes to the rescue of your people in your stupid, pathetic countries!  America should be thanked, not criticized!

BUT…thats not what we got!  What we got was the second half of this one little sentence,  “I ask you to look at the concrete actions we have taken in just nine months!”  An absolute AGREEMENT that our “character and cause” should be questioned!  We were a rotten country..UNTIL 9 months ago!!  What a cocky, concieted, arrogant joke!  And some of you people thought GWB was cocky!  The difference….GWB was cocky about America and OBAMA is cocky about himself!  This statement is a obamantion! It tells everything we need to know about the Obama’s…they harbor disdain for AMerica!  No question about it!  From the beginning when Michelle Obama said that this is the first time in her life she is proud of America, Rev Wright, and the speech in Cairo!

What a wonderful Commander-in-Chief!   PUKE!

We talked about it here!

The “Turtle” Comment..

On Monday’s show, while filling in for Doc Thompson, Richard and I discussed a few kids that blew up a turtle with a pipe bomb.  As the discussion progressed, Richard stated that he cares so much about turtles that he “resues” them when he sees them in the middle of the road by pulling over and picking them up!  My brother is so caring! 

The segment was less then two minutes long…yet, we got a huge repsonse from our listeners.  The first thing my wife said when I came home was…”You used to shoot turtles?”  Then we got this email:

I want to talk about this turtle thing…now yesterday, just as you were going off the air, one of you said not only did he not hit turtles, he often picked them up off the road and took them down the road to “a safer place”.
Let me get this straight now.  He kidnaps a poor, helpless turtle, puts him in a scary automobile and moves him to a different location.
This poor turtle, who was probably headed to grandma’s house, or back to his wife and kids, and who has probably been put on the floorboards so he can’t even see outside, when released is going to be so damn disoriented he’ll never ever again get back to his family.
So this turtle relocation agency (the TRA, with a Turtle Czar,), which is purported to exist to improve the turtle’s welfare, is actually a liberal, do-gooder program actually designed to disorient and confuse the poor creatures, and to break up families, a sort-of turtle mind-control thing..
Sure sounds like a disguised, Democratic Obama thing to me.

Well Done, Gene!  Amazing how Obama’s  has impacted our thinking!


Health-care Public Square features Cantor, Scott

Congress B. Scott                      Congress E. Cantor

Am I the only one that thinks these guys look like brothers? 

My bet is, and I hope I am wrong, that they will agree with each other during this entire event!

UPDATE: It turns out that Cantor did NOT turn it into a “hug” fest!  He fought for the free-market and stood against Congressman Scott’s crazy “single-payer” goals.  Thanks Cantor for the stance and taking the arrows!

Deeds Dribble

I watched this ten times and I still don’t think I understand! This is just embarrassing!  I think the reporters even get frustrated!  Liberals are funny…they know that raising taxes is not good, yet they know they want to do it, yet they know that they have to call it something else……so….Deeds says “raise revenue” instead!  At least I think he was saying that….you decide!

Just be honest and quit trying to hide your true plans!



BBC Radio thinks America is racists….


thanks to the “race-baiters”!  I mean..look at the examples and the people… like President Obama, Rev. Wright, division by race,  President Carter, the Congressional Black Caucus,   supreme court picks, and the Democrat Party who sees everyone in color, race, and gender!

BBC Radio contacted both Richard and I on for interviews yesterday. So we both had a chance to defend our country!

I can’t find my interview but here is Richard’s:

If ideas fail, claim racism!


This is INNOVATION in health care

I am on a hunt!  I want to see what the private sector is doing to make health care better!  So is what I found…

Does your Doctor office have this?  They should!  This is what we need in the health industry…innovation, self-service, patient involvement in their own insurance! 

Check them out at

Life works better without government! This is the free-market working!

When will you take a stand..

against this over-reaching Federal Government?  If you weren’t in DC for the “Million Man” march (or at Bailey’s Pub and Grill) then what will it take for you to get involved?

Will it be

Can you think of any more items to add to the above list that would convince someone that freedom is at risk?

Wake up America…pray for our country!

“You Lie”

Rep. Wilson Outburst Leads Senate Dems to Close Loophole in Health Reform Bill

No! Say it ain’t so!  But Obama assured me that it wasn’t true…well, he was wrong!  But..the good news I can be assured of the other things he said… like, “government will never make me join the public option”, and “”protect me against my insurance company!”  Only the government can…opps….only “Obama’s” Government can!

The Congressional Research Service has indicated that indeed the bills that are before Congress would include illegal aliens,” Wilson said. “And I think this is wrong.”

Indeed, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service study found that the House health care bill does not restrict illegal immigrants from receiving health care coverage.

House Republican Minority Leader John Boehner amplified the complaint that without proof of citizenship, illegal immigrants could be insured.

“There were two opportunities for House Democrats to make clear that illegal immigrants wouldn’t be covered by putting in requirements to show citizenships,” he said. “Both of those amendments were, in fact, rejected.”

Facts are the darndest things!  Maybe…Obama was only talking about his bill…yeah..that’s it!  WAIT….he doesn”t have a bill!  Well…I guess we are to believe that “IF” he had a bill that illegals would not be included because he said so!   But..WAIT…why would a guy that said he is for amnesty change his mind? 

Side note, we ear-marked money for job training for illegals, so don’t hold your breath on Obama’s “promise”!

Food for thought or …just puke!