Posted by: Scott Lee | September 4, 2009

9/12 March on DC Viewing Party

We The People have had enough… Government Taxing, Spending, Bail Outs & Involvement

Join us Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bailey’s Pub & Grille

11581 Robious Road

Richmond, VA 23235

12:30pm – 3pm

Watch Glenn Beck’s Live coverage of The March on Washington DC With The Lee Brothers of WRVA Radio

Live Entertainment from Kevin Reynolds, Popular Richmond artist featured locally for 20 years

We Surround Them-Richmond …founded on the fundamental principles and values that made America the greatest nation on earth… To RSVP for this event, login to and visit the calendar.


  1. Sadly, they are banning guns at that restaurant. Hopefully future venues won’t be held at such a place.

    • Scott and Philip
      I wonder what the management of Bailey’s was thinking? I guess they have never been around any of our members.

  2. Maybe WST-Richmond and WST-Henrico should be made aware of this for future events.

    Love VCDL! Always on top of things and making sure we can protect ourselves! God Bless you Phillip!

  3. over 350 people at Bailey”s and what a great time.

  4. What a great event! It is encouraging to see so many that took a Saturday afternoon to gather and make a statement!

    Thanks to all that were there!
    The cause is Liberty! Not some fake utopia that Obama is offering!

  5. Hey Guys….. I had a great time at the rally……. Beer was GREAT!!!!!! You guys weren t so bad either! LOL Just kidding.

    As for the gun issue. I kinda agree in some aspects.
    I m a pro gun guy across the board and feel strongly about all law abaiding citizens carrying anywhere they want but my reasons are as follows:
    1. We (conservatives) are in the minority even with the Rebuplican party.
    2. The media has made a bad light of anyone carrying a weapon to a Tea Party or Town Hall event.
    3. After the health care bill is rammed through Obama can easily ram through any anti gun bill he wants. He has the house and the senate on his side.
    4. Do you really wanna remind this administration of one more thing they wanna change right now???? Why provoke them? Guns are under the radar …… for now.
    5. Wait until we get some strong conservative opposition in the house and senate before rocking the boat.
    6. Hope to god he doesn t start playing games with our guns before the 2010 election because I m sure you guys are gonna have to cowboy up and get into the fight. And I don t mean pollitically.

    In closing I do wanna say I had a great time and look foward to the next gathering.


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