I will never forget!  The Lee Brother’s were born on that day!  Richard and I mourned for months….and it slowly turned to anger!  We must never forget what that day felt like.  We must never forget that evil exist in this world!  I know…that is so politically incorrect….but only those who recognize evil can prepare to fight it!

Instead we have the nuts on the left who ultimately think we deserved it or provoked the attack of this day in 2001!  Their reaction to this day in history?

Unfortunately, that is the Left…they have never thought America is exceptional and the best place to live!  They should move to Europe!

God Bless the USA!  My prayers are with the families on this very difficult day!

7 thoughts on “9-11-2001

  1. President Obama has proclaimed this a day of service and remembrance. By encouraging citizens to translate their sadness over the 9/11 murders into constructive actions that will strengthen America, the President is sending a message to would be terrorists that we will continue to get stronger, and that our collective grief must not be interpreted as a signal of weakness.

    While the attacks were unique and spectacular, Americans need to end the Post 9/11 hysteria. Here is some data to help place the deaths in perspective:


    1. Tobacco 435,000
    2. Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,000
    3. Alcohol 85,000
    4. Microbial Agents 75,000
    5. Toxic Agents 55,000
    6. Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,347
    7. Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,000
    8. Suicide 30,622
    9. Incidents Involving Firearms 29,000
    10. Homicide 20,308
    11. Sexual Behaviors 20,000
    12. All Illicit Drug Use, 17,000
    13. Non-Steroidal Drugs Such As Aspirin 7,600
    14. Total Deaths All 9/11 Attacks 3030

    The message that we must send to potential enemies is that America remembers, but we will not let hysteria cause us to suspend the Constitution and the United States shall remain a place where the People rule.

    J. Tyler Ballance

  2. John

    You forgot 32000 from influenza………………… But what the hell does anyof that have to do with the act of butchery that was 9/11? J.Tyler did you forget to put on your tin foil hat toeay?
    And on your thoughts of suspending the constitution Obama’s czars are already trying to accomplish that.

  3. Scott Lee

    J Tyler,

    What absolute frightening dribble! What the heck are you talking about? Let me see if I can figure this out….so..people that kill themselves from freely lgihting a cigarette is some how the same or comparable to the Islamo-facists that flew planes into buildings on 9-11? Who cares that 3,000 die at the hands of terrorists when we have people killing themselves??? Is this how you label yourself as an Obama voter?

    End 9/11 hysteria? What hysteria? That there is real evil? That we should hunt them down and kill them before they kill us? I don’t think speeches about the arrogance of America and extending the hand of friendship will work with this guys! They understand one thing: strength! Meanwhile, your side and Obama look like a bunch of frightened whimps! But that is typical!

    “….the President is sending a message to would be terrorists that we will continue to get stronger..”
    ????WHAT??? How is he doing that?? By asking people to service eash other? You dope! He should be saying..”I am still pissed…you better hope we don’t find you becasue we have the best military in the world and you won’t like what we will do!” That would be telling them something.

    His message today was an shameful!


  4. craig

    Ya know I find it amazing that sheep like J Tyler can come on here and talk this crap about 9/11. I d bet my last dollar he doesn t have the intestinal fortitude to express these views on a street corner or a bar in New York City. As a matter of fact none of them do. Because I know each one of them would wind up leaving through the Lincoln Tunnel with at least a broken nose. New York hasn t forgotten but it seems the rest of the country has. Enjoy your freedom Tyler……. I ll take care of the dirty work.

  5. Nobody is suggesting that you simply forget and move-on, but at least get a sense of proportionality and get a grip on reality.

    We cannot allow post 9/11 hysteria to be the basis for surrendering our Constitution or our civil liberties, especially when a politician points at something like the WTC and announces that, “This changes everything…” NO, no it doesn’t. The Constitution still stands and that alone is the basis for government’s power over us, not some pack of lies drummed-up by either political party to justify their pet projects.

    Oh, and to fake name guy, craigie, I used to live in Brooklyn, so save us your empty preaching about New Yorkers.

  6. fake name craigie

    Actually Craig is my real name. The job I do is very real. Your statement of used to live in Brooklyn is all you need to say….. used to…… probably got run outa there when your neighbors heard you talking this crap….. either that or you were a transplant. Either way I don t care. You re just one more of the sheep in the flock who s scared of his own shadow. But never fear…… Guys like me will be there to check out what ever goes bump in the night…… or flies planes into 2 towers…. the Pentagon……. sets off chemical weapons…… so you can sit back and have your opinions…. bla bla bla bla…….

  7. John

    J.Tyler, what post 9/11 hysteria? There should only be a resolve to make the peratrators of that massacre of civilians, pay. We are at war, wether you like it or not!
    What liberties have we truly given up? What shared sacrifice has this nation made? The only ones sacrificing are the soldiers in the field and their immediate families. You know,like parents,wives brothers and sisters who go to bed each night and not know if they will wake up to a knock at their front door. That is the reality of my world! But you don’t seem to understand that either.
    By the way, the goverment holds no power over us, THEY WORK FOR US. But they seem to have forgotten that lately. Oh by the way you forgot your tin foil hat again.

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