Posted by: Scott Lee | September 17, 2009

Amend the constitution?

Perhaps!  Even on this…Constitution Day!

Check out this site and you tell me what you think:

The Cause is Freedom!


  1. I am of but limited intelligence, however I have been reading a lot of constitutional history and law as it pertains to our sovereignty. Not being a scholar, but to a layman such as I, it appears somewhat clear to me that our illustrious leaders are committing an egregious usurpation of our very sovereignty. It has always been my understanding that under the Constitution of the United States of America that no one individual has any more or less rights than another, in total as it stands today(all amendments). As stated in the constitution “we the people” have a collective style of sovereignty. Simply put this means that no one individual American citizen has more or less sovereignty than another, up to and especially including our elected officials. Knowing full well that we may or may not have a health care problem in the U.S. right now, we definitely have a government problem. While I cannot speak for any other than I, I am livid. How can these 535 plus POTUS/spouse and VPOTUS/spouse openly and arbitrarily order, dictate, pass, demand, etc. etc. any law(and this fiasco will be a law) that flagrantly exempts themselves(HR bill pg. 114, line 22) and then place the burden of PAYING for BOTH onto me?????? Please alarm all tea party, 9/12 , patriots, Americans to follow up on this quickly by calling, writing, emailing and researching this further. Time is of the essence as this type of abuse will continue and Obama and his ilk are Harvard law scholars and you don’t think that they know this? Go to attorney David B. Rivkin’s webb page and do some deep reading. Some is pretty clear and some deep, but it’s there for any to see. He is said to be a Constitutional expert and he clearly points out, as does the research and documentation, we are a sovereign people.

  2. Curtis ,

    Keep in mind when “We The People ” was actually written many citizens did NOT enjoy all the rights equally.
    Blacksand women were not given the right to vote then , just one example of how we the people back then were not treated equal.

    So dont try to pin stuff on the current president when in FACT euality for U S citizens has NEVER existed under any of the prvious presidents either.

    The only way you could see true equality for all to even come close to happen is to rewrite the entire US constituion via a constituional convention is is possible to be under the current U S constitution .


    • Grant,
      Once again you miss the qualifying statement, which sends you off down the wrong raod, again. In Curtis’ post referencing the Constitution;”in total as it stands today(all Amendments)”completely negates your entire post. He was speaking entirely in the present. But leave it to you to either miss the point or spin it off into left field. Either way you are dead wrong. Remember, words mean things. Read carefully and take a man at his word without trying to interpret what he is saying. Most of us say what what we mean and mean what we say. When you interject your opinion of what we say you get it WRONG every time.

  3. oh BTW Sept 21 2009


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