Posted by: Scott Lee | September 21, 2009


Health-care Public Square features Cantor, Scott

Congress B. Scott                      Congress E. Cantor

Am I the only one that thinks these guys look like brothers? 

My bet is, and I hope I am wrong, that they will agree with each other during this entire event!

UPDATE: It turns out that Cantor did NOT turn it into a “hug” fest!  He fought for the free-market and stood against Congressman Scott’s crazy “single-payer” goals.  Thanks Cantor for the stance and taking the arrows!


  1. I met Cantor when he was running for the House the first time.
    He seemed to be a very respectable, forthright guy who you almost trusted immediately with future.
    I can honestly say that I have watched Washington erode this guy. The very thought that he would suggest that he agrees with 80% of anything Bobby Scott is in favor of is political suicide….80% of BS is still BS!
    Sorry, Eric. When you supported that stoop McCain, I promised you we were through. Tell you what….ask some of Bobby Scott’s supporters for their help.
    See what 80% of the response is.

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