Posted by: Scott Lee | September 23, 2009

The “Turtle” Comment..

On Monday’s show, while filling in for Doc Thompson, Richard and I discussed a few kids that blew up a turtle with a pipe bomb.  As the discussion progressed, Richard stated that he cares so much about turtles that he “resues” them when he sees them in the middle of the road by pulling over and picking them up!  My brother is so caring! 

The segment was less then two minutes long…yet, we got a huge repsonse from our listeners.  The first thing my wife said when I came home was…”You used to shoot turtles?”  Then we got this email:

I want to talk about this turtle thing…now yesterday, just as you were going off the air, one of you said not only did he not hit turtles, he often picked them up off the road and took them down the road to “a safer place”.
Let me get this straight now.  He kidnaps a poor, helpless turtle, puts him in a scary automobile and moves him to a different location.
This poor turtle, who was probably headed to grandma’s house, or back to his wife and kids, and who has probably been put on the floorboards so he can’t even see outside, when released is going to be so damn disoriented he’ll never ever again get back to his family.
So this turtle relocation agency (the TRA, with a Turtle Czar,), which is purported to exist to improve the turtle’s welfare, is actually a liberal, do-gooder program actually designed to disorient and confuse the poor creatures, and to break up families, a sort-of turtle mind-control thing..
Sure sounds like a disguised, Democratic Obama thing to me.

Well Done, Gene!  Amazing how Obama’s  has impacted our thinking!

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