Posted by: Scott Lee | October 8, 2009

The offensive CROSS

There are some in our country today that can’t stand any reference to God or anything that might point to God!  (How could they have lived at the time of our founding or when the Bible was a book in schools?) These poor people aren’t satisfied just eliminating any reference or mention of God in their lives until they make sure all of America is void of God

The difference between Liberals and Conservatives:  ” If a Conservative doesn’t want any reference of God in their lives (if that’s possible), then they simply turn away. If a Liberal doesn’t want any reference of God in their lives (and thats the norm), then they ask the Supreme Court to remove all crosses and mentions of God”

So, the Left is at it again….we have to remove a cross that the Veterans of Foreign Wars built 75 years ago atop an outcropping in the Mojave National Preserve.  Forget about our American culture! Forget about our history!  Forget about the intentions of those who put it up!  Let’s just try to protect the whining,  gutless, anti-God, minority Left!

Scalia made plain his view of the case, strongly suggesting that he sees no problem with the cross at all.  At least, one on the court has some common sense!  He is in the mold of Thomas Jefferson….evidence here!

We talked about it here last week!



  1. Scott,
    I wonder what those surviving soldiers of WW1 would do to the perpatraters of this stupidity? they erected that Cross in memory of those they left on the field of battle and now some morons want their memorial removed because they do not believe in Jesus.
    During WW2 you see many crosses erected as head stones at the soldiers’ cemtaries. You also fnd the Star of David os head stones to those who were Jewish. BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL. You are right if the liberals don’t want to see the cross then let them turn their head. Just remember, the “Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing”. I wonder how many liberals would find faith in God if they had the intestinal fortitude to actually go into combat?

  2. Back when the Republicans had the White House, and control of both the Senate and the House, why did they not enact a law or bring forward a Constitutional amendment that would have ensured the right to have Christian displays (and those of other religions) on public lands, and would have codified the right to pray and speak freely about religion in schools and other government facilities?

    Most of us who helped elect Republicans, did so, with the explicit understanding that the candidates were going to Washington to reign-in government and take positive steps to enhance our liberty.

    There were so many issues that should have been tackled, to enhance our LIBERTY and to curtail the power of government, but instead of addressing those, we got an undeclared war, a TRILLION dollar deficit and even more power handed over to government agencies with which to lord over us.

    Americans should never again trust the Republicans to lead. No, not EVER!

  3. J Tyler,

    You right that the Republicans did not do what they promised or live up to their own platform.

    Though I disagree with the “undelclared” war part of your rant, I agree with the craziness of the deficit and more power central located in the federal government.

    You said never trust Republicans again. Just curious, are saying you used to trust Republicans and voted for them? Did you vote for Oabma? Who do you suggest we vote?

  4. That s the problem J. We voted in republicans. Not conservatives. That s the difference. The party has been hijacked by middle of the road country club dwelling spineless soccer moms and dads. I have given up on the party . I am a conservative first now. If a republican has REAL conservative values then he s got my vote.
    Right now we re seeing a lotof candidates coming outa the woodwork who are giving republicans and liberals a run for their money soley on the fact of conservative values. Don t give up hope yet dude.

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