Posted by: Scott Lee | October 12, 2009

Fla. GOP members shoot Muslim targets at gun range

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. — South Florida Republicans held a weekly meeting at a gun range, shooting at targets including cut-outs of a Muslim holding a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

The GOP candidate to replace U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fired at a full-body silhouette with “DWS” written next to its head.

Wasserman Schultz declined comment, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called the Tuesday event “extremist” and “sexist.”

Robert Lowry, who’s vying for Wasserman Schultz’s seat, initially described his target as a joke. Minutes later, he called it a mistake.

Richard and I had a little disagreement about this.  Click here to hear the family argument!


  1. You fight the way you train….. At the current moment we re at war with Arab terrorists so I say targets like that build muscle memory and target aquisition and prepare you for the confrontation that s bound to take place thanks to the negligence of our current White House administration.

    There….. do you think I pissed off enough liberals with that last statement. Let the hatemail begin.

  2. How does anyone know what “religion” these targets were? Are the critics of the targets ASSUMING that targets carrying RPG’s and wearing tribal clothing automatically are muslim? How bigoted.

    Sounds like the shooters were shooting at targets resembling terrorists, not muslims. Muslims are peaceful. We all know that. Just ask anybody…

  3. Cargo,

    Great point! Obviously, the press are a bunch of intolerant people! I should have picked up on that!

    Glad you did!

  4. Bunch of war mongers………….notthe target shooters, just the terrorists.

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