Posted by: Scott Lee | October 12, 2009

Gay Weekend

And no…I don’t mean happy!  But I was happy…happy that I missed it..happy that I didn’t have my kids and family visiting DC !

Happy that I missed all the men kissing and hugging each other.  And I missed Kate Clinton asking them to kiss with tongues. And I missed her saying that there is too much “heterosexual extremism!”   Or when she screamed “Gay is good, BiSexual is good, Lesbian is good, Transgender is good!” 

I think she missed some people there…what about bestiality, polygamy or incest!  How intolerant to leave them out!

I am sure we would all hope that our kids could be exposed to this and grow up to think that this is just another “healthy lifestyle”  choice! 

PUKE! Literally!

Already going after our kids: Click here!


  1. Hey….. Im a lesbian….. I love women…….

  2. Luv the video! Gay is good, and great! Gay sex is wonderful! Have a great day!

  3. ” As it was in the days of Noah”……………… the darkness is not coming, it’s here.

  4. disgusting , I don’t shove my sexuality down others people’s throats .
    there is no need for special rights for these people

    in the end times good will be called evil and evil will be called good.

  5. To bad the lee bros are not gay, I think they both r hot, please go gay guys–

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