Posted by: Scott Lee | October 12, 2009

Powhatan is NOT Chicago

There is something happening in Powhatan County.  I got this email from a faithful listener!

As many of you are aware, Charlie Green, District 2 Supervisor , passed away last week. While we mourn the loss of Charlie, we must move on with his replacement so that all citizens of Powhatan are represented and the important work of the Board can continue.

It has come to my attention that there are some back room dealings underway by the County Administrator and the Board members to hand pick a replacement without a transparent, ethical process. The law reads that an appointment can be made until the next general election, when a special election can be held, unless the next general election is within 120 day. This means the appointed person will hold this seat until November 2010.Tradition and precedent is that the appointed person will agree NOT to run in the special election as this would create an unfair advantage for the other candidates who may run for this seat.
It was the understanding of many of the citizens that attended last weeks special meeting that the Board would announce the process to appoint the vacant seat with the expectation that the process would be out in the open .Our County leadership apparently has approached Marsell Bustos to fill this seat. Mr Bustos is the current Chairman of the Powhatan Democrat Party. He ran for the seat in 2007 and came in second in a three way race. Its vital that that this Board chooses the best candidate to fill this seat.  We must not allow the Board to appoint the person of their choosing without a robust debate and multiple candidates to choose from.  We must not be subjected to backroom deals. All we ask for is a fair, transparent process with an agreement that the appointed member not run for re- election in the special election. 

Please attend the meeting October 14th and demand that an ethical appointment is made. Write a letter to the editor and call and email each member of the BOS. This is NOT Chicago, this is Powhatan.


  1. The Good Ol Boy network is just as bad down here as the backdoor union thug bullcrap is in Chicago. Don t kid yourself……. Powhattan is still a redneck stronghold guys….

  2. This is the official website of the Powhatan Democrats of which the appointe is the chair. We need him to condem this post and have it removed.

  3. Sitting at the board meeting, it is apparent the citizens in the audience are not in favor of the boards decision or process of arriving at that decision yet they approve the motion. Let’s party like its 1773

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