Posted by: Scott Lee | October 12, 2009

Stupidity of Dominion Power’s “green” program

Okay, this is simply the best example of the radical “green” movements stupidity!

Here’s the program: Purchasing green energy credits — a voluntary option for subscribers — adds $15 to the monthly bill of a typical residential customer participating fully in the program, the company said. Dominion subscribers can participate for as little as $2 a month.  We talked about it here months ago.

Who would actually pay more?  About 3,500 Dominion customers now buy credits  Idiots! By the way, Dominion serves 2.3 million…so..not that many idiots!  Yet!….. Sierra Club has 16,000 members in the state!  So…THEY ARE HYPOCRITS!  Not putting their money were their mouth is!  They care so much about the planet but refuse to fund Dominions attempt to offer a “green tag”! 

So, what are these “green tags” or “Renewable energy certificates” (RECs) going towards?   A customer buying the certificates — “RECs” — is not purchasing green energy itself, which can be sold separately, but rather the “environmental attributes” of the clean power, the state DEQ said.  In other words, NOTHING!  Simply a con like the rest of the entire “green” movement!

We covered it nicely here!

Puking Green!

UPDATE:  Scientists say man doesn’t cause global warming!

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