Posted by: Scott Lee | October 23, 2009

I am starting to feel bad for Deeds

UPDATE:  We talked about it here!

This is becoming a joke…..does Deeds know where he stands on any issue?

First, the tax question that he butchered!  Now, the public option question:

Question: “Mr. Deeds, and would you go against some of your fellow Democrats and against the public plan?”

Creigh Deeds: “I’m not afraid of going against my fellow Democrats when I think they’re wrong…Public option isn’t required in my view, I think we have to do two things with health care, we have to reduce costs so more people can afford insurance and we have to increase coverage. I share those broad goals. I don’t think the public option is necessary in any plan and I think Virginia…I would certainly consider opting out if that were available to Virginia. We have to find ways to increase competition in order to reduce costs…”

Then the fun started when reporters wanted clarification:

Poor guy!  This is what people are looking for in a politician: “I will leave all options on the table”, “I will form a committee to make all the tough decisions and they will come up with my plan!” Laughable!

Deeds is going to get crushed on election day! 




  1. That’s ok ,

    That means Mcdonnell becomes responsible for the state of the economy the day HE takes office like so many are holding Obama accountable the day HE took office for the state of the economy.

    Better Idea

    Let’s make it real equal I HOPE MCDONNELL FAILS!!!! LOL how’s that?


  2. Grant, Clever attempt…but falls short. I haven’t blamed Obama for this economy..I blamed him for making it worst! I did blame government and government mandates to force banks to make loans that no one could repay!

    If you think McDonnell’s policy will hurt the Commonwealth..then you should want him to fail! Just like I did for Obama!

    I know this may hurt, but what scares you about McDonnell, Grant?

  3. Hmm is this thing working?

  4. Ok lets see

    Mcdonnell is a Jim gilmore type who will discover the genral Assembly has the true power .And he will indeed raise taxes to keep the va economy vibrant for those who choose to invest here


  5. Secondly since 1966 when mills Godwin (d) won with Lyndon johnson (d) in the white house no party in power in the white house has won the va governors election.So the BIGGER news would be a Mcdonnel loss and a Dees win since the dems are in the white house


  6. 3rdly

    The post about holding Mcdonnell accountable the day he takes office much like in the manner Obama was held accountable will cause the listeners to have to decide who is more trustworthy,the local talk shows or the national talk shows.Eventually the logic used by one group will be discarded by the listeners as bogus and the ramification will be interesting.


  7. Grant,
    The only way Mc Donnell will fail is if he does exactly what Obama is doing.

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