Posted by: Scott Lee | October 23, 2009

Keeping Small Business Healthy

UPDATE: Thanks for all those who turned out!  It was a great event and the cause is even one better: keeping small businesses healthy!  I thought the timing was amazing with todays Wall-Street Journal report about small business not hiring!  Are you listening OBAMA!

UPDATE: Here is our interview with Andrew Langer!

Well, you don’t keep them healthy by mandating, regulating and taxing them…but welcome to the world of Obama!  In this new America, “hope and change” has come…in the form of a target… on the back of the productive and successful!

The Institute of Liberty is fighting back right here in Richmond!  Join me and them for a free breakfast at The Westin Richmond at 7:30am, Tuesday, October 27th.  I will be the emcee of the event but more importantly you will hear from Andrew Langer as he makes the case to “keep small business healthy!”

“Keep Small Business Healthy” Flyer

It’s free, so get up early…Sleep is over rated…and join us!  RSVP to Andrew Vehorn at!

The cause is freedom and liberty!

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