Posted by: Scott Lee | October 23, 2009

Still trying to divide us by race

I think Obama missed the Indian Tribes in his list of all the “voting blocks” that he appealed to in the election!

Now,  we (federal government) have to give 6 indian tribes in VA $800 million??   According to the TD these 6 tribes only have 3,000 members!  Anyone have a problem with this or am I just an insensitive boob?

Tim Kaine is fine with it! (Shock me!) “By bringing this legislation to a vote before the committee we are closer than we have ever been to finally righting an historic wrong for Virginia and the nation,” Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said in a statement.  Closer?  Closer of what?  I must have missed the evil of America!

America always has some kind of “wrong” that the Left has to make right!  And they are always so good at pointing out all those bad things…even when they give speeches overseas!



  1. U sir missed the issue. The Lumbee tribe of NC is also Included in the Estimate. They number around 55,000. That is where your $$$ is. Not the 3,000 Virginia Indians. PLUS, Nothing is certain yet.The Senate still has to vote on the Bill on the floor. Closer. That simply referred to the fact that Virginia Native Tribes have been withheld federal recognition since 1776. Jamestown would have failed without their support and yet the U.S. believes these tribes do not exist. They have fought for their recognition and this is the CLOSEST they have came. Know your history. I agree it is a lot of cash. But if you did more research you might come to see that this bill will only cost the Taxpaying American 1$ and some change annually on their taxes. As well as the fact of the help it will be to these people. I KNOW…I am a member of The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia. This bill not only effects me and you. But can be a blessing to our children, and there children, so on and so forth. Please Understand I see your frustration. With a government that is so deep in the red as ours is why are we spending this astronomic amount of money.
    But if you really look, you are saying with all the debt we are in why are we helping other??
    Dose not sound Right, dose it. Thank you for your opinion.
    Oh, and it is not a ‘Left’ or ‘right’ thing. The bill passed the House with STRONG Bipartisan support.
    Thanks Again,
    Charles ‘Mahto’ Hancock

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