Posted by: Scott Lee | October 24, 2009

Steve Shannon calls “states rights” racist

This is the normal move for most Democrats…the race card…label your opponent as a hidden racists!  This is pure insanity or an incredible act of desparation…probably both!

But to infer that those who support State Sovereignty (10th Amendment) or states rights is a step backward to racism or “not for today” is evidence of a guy who is out of touch with Washington!  Is he blind?  Federalism is dying, if not dead, and Shannon thinks it’s not for today??

Well, I guess if your buddies are in DC and you like Obama’s policies, you can’t count on him to defend the state against an over-reaching Federal government!  Shannon even trashed the Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” Flag! 

So, what am I talking about?  This all went down during the last AG debate and we covered it here!  Take just 4 minutes and listen to this segment of our show, it is amazing!

Ken Cuccinelli  is a defender of State Sovereignty and will defend the Commonwealth from the massive federal mandates that are coming!  Vote Cuccinelli!

The Cause is Liberty!

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