Posted by: Scott Lee | October 25, 2009

Great Endorsement

This is an excellent commentary of McDonnell and the reason to vote for him!  Here is just a snippet:

The troubles facing our next governor are almost enough to make one question why anybody would want the job. The answer is, of course, simple: Difficult times require superb leaders. We believe Bob McDonnell has demonstrated the temperament, talent, and solid philosophy needed to guide the Old Dominion to a more prosperous future and to ensure that even the most vulnerable citizens benefit from the revival. He has earned our endorsement, through his deeds and his platform.

McDonnell’s insistence that taxes not be raised on Virginia’s citizens and businesses represents not only a sound and pragmatic policy decision — it also demonstrates one of his fundamental beliefs about the relationship between the government and the governed. In an era when government at many levels seems out of control — prone to bouts of fiscal immaturity — McDonnell understands that an effective, compassionate public sector is always defined by limited government. And he knows that those who earn paychecks and profits have first claim on those earnings. The tax collector must play a secondary role.

This fundamental difference between McDonnell and Deeds is reason enough to support the former attorney general. Virginia needs a strong voice defending free enterprise and personal liberty, a strong hand protecting the sanctity of the family budget, and a strong governor willing to reverse the national trend toward handouts, bailouts, high taxes, more regulation, and stronger unions. Bob McDonnell’s voice has been clear throughout this campaign, his hand has been steady as attorney general and state legislator, and as governor he will be a principled and pragmatic problem-solver……

We are impressed by McDonnell’s fundamental belief in the primacy of the private sector in restoring economic prosperity. He understands that growth and job creation are always products of entrepreneurs, risk-takers, investment, and hard work — not expanded regulation and increased government spending. And he recognizes the importance of not only encouraging alternative energy development, but also investing responsibly in plentiful and affordable energy sources, such as oil, coal, and natural gas.

Virginia needs strong leadership in a time of especially complex challenges. Bob McDonnell has proved himself — through his life and his career — to be a strong and principled leader, a man of moderate temperament and exceptional accomplishment. He is the right man to become the next governor of Virginia.

Be honest with yourself…what are are your priorities:

  1. More government or less
  2. A more free, less regulated market or more mandates and regulation
  3. Union or non-union
  4. Leadership or committees

This is an easy choice!  There is no other cause then Freedom and Liberty!

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