Posted by: Scott Lee | November 4, 2009

Freedom is on the March!

One year ago things looked very bad ( and I don’t mean for Republicans) for the country!  A very radical, Marxist, Socialist, American-Apologist captured Virginia and turned her blue (black and blue!)

Now, just like 240 years ago, freedom is on the march in the Commonwealth of VA!  It will start here…and spread…..and spread to 2010!  In many of the same ways that our country was founded in VA….perhaps…..great leaders with that same founders vision will begin the new wave of Conservative Founding principles that will wash over our great land!  Are McDonnell, Bollings, and Cuccinelli those leaders?

Celebrate for this one day….then back to the battle!

It begins……..


  1. Great Victory ,now lets trully lead . Save the Republic.

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