Posted by: Scott Lee | November 29, 2009

Environmental “agents” to protect rain forests

This sounds a little creepy!  Real NatureNazi’s?…with power and guns?

The thick Amazon rain-forest canopy suddenly opens to a clearing where massive Jatobas and other hardwood trees have been reduced to 40 waist-high trunks lying on the ground. Fires set to help clear the underbrush still smolder nearby, sending sinewy gray smoke columns into the sea-blue sky.

Sounds like someone needs a new baseball bat, a home, or a new table!  It doesn’t frighten me!  But this does…..

“These trees have been cut, you cannot reverse that,” Pontes says. “What must be done at this point is swift punishment to stop more from being knocked down.”

Trees are renewable!!!  Just plant more!   Okay, who would say and do these things? Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, or Ibama!  Not Obama, but Ibama (even though I don’t think there is a difference!)  Just a guess, but my bet is they are similar to the EPA!

Here is the icing on the cake and the more complete answer to why Brazil is doing this: A new global climate agreement is expected to reward countries for “avoided deforestation,” with cash or credits tradable on the global carbon market!  In short: MONEY!  But not just any money, your money, American’s money…from the rich to the poor (just like Obama!)

Take a few minutes and listen to us talk about it here!  You will like it!




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