Posted by: Scott Lee | December 21, 2009

Warner is Scrooge or Grinch?

Mark Warner is either extremely stupid or extremely gullible! 

You decide:

“While not perfect, this legislation will lower insurance premium costs for the majority of families and businesses. It will reduce the deficit by more than three-quarters of a trillion dollars over the next 20 years, and it will add at least nine years to the life of the Medicare Trust Fund.”

I have a better chance of being President than any of these comments coming true!  NONE!  Never in history has it happened! He told Jimmy Barrett the same thing! I wonder if Warner knows something I don’t?

“If we fail to act, Virginia’s small businesses will continue to see double-digit premium increases every year, and Virginia families could see up to 40 percent of their take-home pay consumed by health-care expenses by the year 2016,” Warner said in a statement.

If we fail in let government’s 118 new agencies will make it cheaper?  What a dope!  And WHO SAY DO NOTHING?????  No one!  Ever heard of a “strawman” argument?

So, did Warner still Christmas (Grinch)or is he just the greedy, old, cranky rich man who is looking out for himself (Scrooge)?

Either way….puke!


  1. Send me some of that happy, dreamy stuff they drink in DC

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