Now you can be Governor

And isn’t that what we need…8 million Governor’s!!  The TD is asking if you can make the “tough” decisions with the budget: cut or raise taxes!

There is one more solution that wasn’t allowed, apparently!  Cutting taxes!  I know…too frightening for some!  But it can be and it should be a real option.  Letting people keep their money allows for them to drive the economy and increase revenue to our beloved government! (Besides, even if it never created one job it is the right and moral thing to do!)  But, I digress….

Take the little test that the TD is giving and see if you can cut enough to balance the budget. 

By the way, I feel like there is something missing from the cut list, do you?

Fun quote of the day…

“In [the president’s] budget, which we passed 100 days after his swearing-in, he had a blueprint for how we go into the future, create jobs, stabilize the economy [and] do so as we reduce the deficit — [it’s] very central to everything we do — reduce the deficit.” –House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Wow, these people are brazen and arrogant!  Really Nancy, well…how did that work out for you?  Nearly quadrupling the deficit in Obama’s first year is far from a “blueprint” for responsibility!

Shouldn’t we hold these people accountable in some way?

Dare I say again…..PUKE!

Obama is no Jefferson…

“The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” –Thomas Jefferson

How many times have you heard Obama use the word “funding” or “invest”?  He actually thinks he can “fund” jobs or “invest” to make jobs (as stated in his SOTU show.)  But now is his concerned about spending, so much so, he will enact a freeze!

A closer look at this diet reveals that the freeze would apply to a budget that enjoyed a 20 percent increase in 2009, courtesy of the Democrats’ largesse. Under the guise of “tacking to the center” in the wake of his trip to the woodshed in the Massachusetts election, the president’s proposal would actually lock in a sizable spending increase during those years, as opposed to a real freeze. (No wonder Republicans burst out laughing during the SOTU.)

Furthermore, while the plan claims savings of roughly $250 billion over the next decade, the freeze applies only to non-defense-related discretionary spending, or roughly 17 percent of the total federal budget. Even at that, however, the cap is by no means across the board. Education and job creation initiatives would receive increases, because everyone knows government creates jobs, and education … well, as long as we keep throwing more money at it, it’ll get better, right?

Feel better?  Me either!


Got to love liberals…..

The emails come flying in!  You would think after Scott Brown’s victory that wouldnt be from Liberals…but then again:

Dear Gibbering, Drooling Patriot Dudes;

I take it that you don’t mind a frank and if even blunt discussion of current events so I will make my comments accordingly.

I am appalled at the level of Right Wing fanatical exultation over Brown’s win in Massachusetts.  Having listened to you two long enough to be able to predict your pathetic show topics, I know you will be gloating over this so-called “win” and will be chattering mindlessly over what a victory could portend this fall.

Unfortunately, neither of you are sufficiently nuanced to realize how The Masses will really react in November.  Deprived of their right to national health care, expect the streets to be flooded with people, Red Flags and banners waving.  They are not going to surrender to the tyranny of Free Market Capitalism with its inherent distributional anomalies.

If necessary, the People will take your advise for self protection, at least until these so-called rights are taken away, and pour into the streets armed with weapons manufactured by good socialists laboring away in the worker paradises of Russia, Yugolavia, and China!

Let’s see how you defend gun control then.

Yes, you two pretend to be gun advocates, so you should easily recognize the Ws10s, SKSs, and Mosins clutched in workers hands as they militantly march toward true equality.

Pause for a moment as you take in that heroic revolutionary vision…. ah.

It reminds me of Che Guevara.  They killed poor Che, you know.  He died fighting to to advance the people’s rights to the fruits of other people’s labor- i.e. evil exploitative capitalist entrepreneurs.

To this day we socialists memorialize Che’s ultimate sacrifice by wearing red T-shirts emblazened withi his image.

But I digress.

The Republican win in what you deride as “Taxachusetts ” will not stand. Understanding that his radicalism has gone too far, President Obama will return to his campaign themes of change and moderation. He will make himself over to once again appear as the neighbor you chat with over that “white picket fence.”

He will only speak of those issues sacred to his benefactors at ACRON and George Soros’s Open Society with sufficient volume to communicate to them that he is still on their team.

After all. the conventional wisdom of an honest politician is that once bought they stay bought; is that not correct?

By that definition, our Democrat leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, are absolutely honest! Can you say as much for your side? Hmmm?

Now that we have brushed that issue aside, will you now continue to argue that this November will be a proverbial “blood bath”  for Democrat candidates? Do you actually believe your so called “revolution” will continue?

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Not a chance!

The People will continue to demand their fair share of the nation’s wealth and only when the rich have been reduced to poverty will the People prosper.

Best Regards to you two boobies,


PS- I still wonder if you morons get the true meaning of my missives. Sigh.

In a word…..PUKE!

America Rising

2009 was an amazing year for our country!  Congress and this President did more to harm our freedom since before the Revolution and founding of our country!  Unless something “changes”, it will only get worse….2010 is the year we say….YOUR FIRED!!

Let’s roll!