Posted by: Scott Lee | January 5, 2010

HB 10

Delegate Bob Marshall has done a good thing here in response to an overreaching federal government:

 “No law shall interfere with the right of a person or entity to pay for lawful medical services to preserve life or health, nor shall any law impose a penalty, tax, fee, or fine, of any type, to decline or to contract for health care coverage . . .

Embrace it!  Look for those “Patrick Henry’s” in the GA!

God Bless him!


  1. It is sad that we have to go to this level to try and combat a government takeover of out lives!

  2. hey…you guys rock!! (you spelled business wrong at the top of your page though) 🙂

  3. […] The Lee Brothers endorse Marshall’s bill, HB 10. […]

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