Posted by: Scott Lee | January 9, 2010

America Rising

2009 was an amazing year for our country!  Congress and this President did more to harm our freedom since before the Revolution and founding of our country!  Unless something “changes”, it will only get worse….2010 is the year we say….YOUR FIRED!!

Let’s roll!


  1. If you look at Perry’s email to you guys(Scott and Richard) and then look at what has been done in Washingotn this year, you will see the connection. If the government gets its way and “ordains” a new right to the people, then they become gods! PLEASE NOTE THE S M A L L “g”. Hence they create the precident of adding rights so they can take others away, becuase in their minds the Constitution is a “lilving” document, not a contract with God to protect the people from goverment.
    Obama is right that our Cosntitution is a full of negative rights, AIMED AT THE GOVERMENT! That is percisely what our founders wanted! They knew that “wordsmiths” would try to twist and manipulate that document. Isn’t that what Obama, Reid, Pelosi and rest trying to do?

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