Posted by: Scott Lee | January 22, 2010

Got to love liberals…..

The emails come flying in!  You would think after Scott Brown’s victory that wouldnt be from Liberals…but then again:

Dear Gibbering, Drooling Patriot Dudes;

I take it that you don’t mind a frank and if even blunt discussion of current events so I will make my comments accordingly.

I am appalled at the level of Right Wing fanatical exultation over Brown’s win in Massachusetts.  Having listened to you two long enough to be able to predict your pathetic show topics, I know you will be gloating over this so-called “win” and will be chattering mindlessly over what a victory could portend this fall.

Unfortunately, neither of you are sufficiently nuanced to realize how The Masses will really react in November.  Deprived of their right to national health care, expect the streets to be flooded with people, Red Flags and banners waving.  They are not going to surrender to the tyranny of Free Market Capitalism with its inherent distributional anomalies.

If necessary, the People will take your advise for self protection, at least until these so-called rights are taken away, and pour into the streets armed with weapons manufactured by good socialists laboring away in the worker paradises of Russia, Yugolavia, and China!

Let’s see how you defend gun control then.

Yes, you two pretend to be gun advocates, so you should easily recognize the Ws10s, SKSs, and Mosins clutched in workers hands as they militantly march toward true equality.

Pause for a moment as you take in that heroic revolutionary vision…. ah.

It reminds me of Che Guevara.  They killed poor Che, you know.  He died fighting to to advance the people’s rights to the fruits of other people’s labor- i.e. evil exploitative capitalist entrepreneurs.

To this day we socialists memorialize Che’s ultimate sacrifice by wearing red T-shirts emblazened withi his image.

But I digress.

The Republican win in what you deride as “Taxachusetts ” will not stand. Understanding that his radicalism has gone too far, President Obama will return to his campaign themes of change and moderation. He will make himself over to once again appear as the neighbor you chat with over that “white picket fence.”

He will only speak of those issues sacred to his benefactors at ACRON and George Soros’s Open Society with sufficient volume to communicate to them that he is still on their team.

After all. the conventional wisdom of an honest politician is that once bought they stay bought; is that not correct?

By that definition, our Democrat leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, are absolutely honest! Can you say as much for your side? Hmmm?

Now that we have brushed that issue aside, will you now continue to argue that this November will be a proverbial “blood bath”  for Democrat candidates? Do you actually believe your so called “revolution” will continue?

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Not a chance!

The People will continue to demand their fair share of the nation’s wealth and only when the rich have been reduced to poverty will the People prosper.

Best Regards to you two boobies,


PS- I still wonder if you morons get the true meaning of my missives. Sigh.

In a word…..PUKE!


  1. Perry,
    Don’t worry, your rants have not gone un-noticed by the FBI. I’d love to be there when they knock on your door at 4 AM and drag you off in cuffs. Enhanced interogation is all the rage these days. Good Luck!

  2. Perry go ahead try your armed revolution, I see it is only the left that is calling for a armed revolution , NOT the TEAPARTIES . BUT if YOU start an armed Revolution WE THE PEOPLE will arm ourselfs ,And I am sure we are far better shots that you leftist . Also some pleople like you are not worth the waste of good gun powder. I have read several of your post and I have come to the fact that you are a phycopatic blatherskite . Of course MY father always said if a jackass kicks you just concider the source and since the democrats use a jackass as a symbol they also have one leading their party.

    The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.” – Albert Camus

    A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.
    -G. Gordon Liddy

    Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.
    -P.J. O’Rourke, Civil Libertarian

    you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free!
    – P.J. O’Rourke
    A government big enough to give you
    everything you want, is strong enough to take
    everything you have. -Thomas Jefferson

  3. Perry Do you really think that Chi is a hero ,That proof that you are nuts , CHi Was a mass murder Just like his brothers Stalin.Mao ,Hitler ,Pol pot.

    Socialism Kills the Human mind and spirit.

    Give ME LIBERTY or Give me DEATH-.Patrick Henry

  4. Oh something Else Perry .

    1. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    2. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong
    3. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.
    4. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    5. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.
    6. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
    7. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
    8. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
    9. You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
    10 You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they will not do for themselves.

  5. Um Kieth








    GRANT 12698

    i see in my month away how steep the decline in quality has become here. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Since I am a bourgeois laissez faire Capitalist .I believe in the FREE MARKET NOT a FASCIST ideology of what the fairness doctrine is , WRVA does an great job of keeping people locally on. I want to listen to whom I wish not being told whom to listen to by the Eliteist Progressive ,Whom’s Ideas are complete and total Failures.

      The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.” – Albert Camus

      I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

      -Thomas Jefferson 1800

      “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

      – Thomas Jefferson

      A government big enough to give you
      everything you want, is strong enough to take
      everything you have. -Thomas Jefferson

  6. Grant
    Stop your whining! You are only talking about 1000 jobs at best. How many jobs are Cap and Trade going to cost America? How many jobs is the “Health Care Reform Act going to cost America, if it ever gets through? You are choking at the gnat and swallowing the camel.

    by the way, are you agreeing with any of Perry’s rant?

  7. John,

    Only 1000 jobs?

    Where do you get that estimate when alone Limbaugh claims to be on over 600 stations?

    Plus If USSC Justice Roberts thinks corpoartions deserves as much free speechs as individuals , wil he also grant individuals the tax credits that corportations now also get?


  8. Grant,
    How many of the Clear Channel stations carry talk radio? Right again, rush is on 600 stations, so isn’t that 600 jobs?
    Please answer the other question about Perry’s rant, if you please. I am more interested in your opinion there.

  9. John

    Plus if you add the spots Glen beck Sean Hannity & Michaell Savage have taken at each of the stations formatted like WRVA and you have at the minimum how many? 4 x 600 = 2400 ?
    And Clear Channel isnt the only owner’s group doin syndication . So at the minimum are we looking at 10k? and that is just radio.
    A discussion of mergers and the resulting jobs losses since the early 1980’s in many american industries have done much to eventually place americans family in the position where BOTH parents must work and in some cases besides 2 full time jobs that one of the parents finds the need to add a part time job.

    It’s no wonder the unemployment rate has goin up as companies folded since 2008 (Quimonda locally is a prime example ) which i believe will lead to unemployment remaining above 8 % for the next 5 years .Eventually those with jobs will accept pay cuts or be forced out in favor of Americans who will work for lower wages. Just a matter of time. And i sense those in higher paying jobs know those job’s day are numbered so they are trying to “cache” whatever money they can before the gravy train ends.

    As for Perry can you be specific about what part of Perry’s rant you are refering too for me to comment on.

    Plus allways remember this , the rich will allways be outnumbered by the poor , the only question is are the super rich willing to jettison the less well to do rich to save their own skins?

    Cuz paying for protection will take a chunk out of a person’s wealth , how much it will cost and how many will be able to afford to do so is the great unknown .


    • If you hate Wrva so much then why don’t you listen to that freak Jack gravely on station wlee990
      Also I would not compaire General (Stonewall) jackson to Che .
      General Jackson fought a war between defferent armies YOU are Very miseducated on the civil war. Che was a terrorist (but of course you may also believe as he < if they don't agree with him just kill them.

      Socialism Kills the Human mind and spirit .
      Progressives are terrorists

  10. On perry’s rant, any of it would have been worth your attention but let’s start with these three:

    1) he believes that the people will violently revolt because of NOT getting universal health care.
    2) he exalts Che who was a racist and a homicidal maniac.
    3) he believes making the rich poor will bring wealth to the poor.

    care to back any of that up???????

    by the way if there was not a market for Sean, Rush, Glenn and Dr .Savage WRVA would not have them on the air. But there are many local conservative people on the air all across the nation on many of those same stations as well as non Clear Channel In NYC there is John Gambling and Curtis Sliwa. Yes the same guy that started the Guardian Angels. I believe they are on WOR Radio durng the mornings. If liberals can compete in the ratings war, then let them try. OOPS Air America just died. LOL R.I.P. NOT ! their message was not even center left it was far left and the lilsteners REJECTED it outright! What really makes me laugh is that BEFORE they went on the air, they asked Rush Limbaugh how he gets his ratings. He told them to JUST BE THEMSELVES. So I guess that mainstream Amreica did not like who they were or what they had to say because they could not keep an audience. Kind of like Barack, don’t you think? His ratings are in the tank over the past few months.

  11. John

    About Perry’s comments ,

    1 I doubt folks will revolt over not getting getting National health care , but i also do beieve unless certain aspects of the current medical community are not addressed now ( insurerers dictating what are pre existing conditions to deny coverage for 1 ) you will see the attempt for national health care brought up again in the future.
    This goes back to an earlier post of mine of those in money making positions now trying to maximize profits now cuz even they can foresse the “golden goose’s” days are numbered here in america.

    2 As for claiming Che was a racist and homidal manic at this point in time i cannot see how you can dare apply that to him without leaving yourself open to claims that folks you may support in history from being labled likewise . ( Stonewall jackson , Jeff davis in the 1860’s ,Eisenhower’s support of Castro early on in the late 1950’s , any member of SAVAK under the Shah in Iran in the 1970’s ) Bottom line on Che is he believed he was justified in what he thuoght and as justified in doin what he did .An Americans on both political extrmems can point ot examples the opposite extreme has and does support.

    3. Hmm making the rich poor via what methods?

    In fact i believe the reason the Flat tax or fair tax ideas have never gained widespread support is the fact the rich know that under those plans their % of incomes would end up being equal to the % of the overall US incomes earned by everyone. Under the current system the “rich” know they have it made. Why else would so many rich retain the services of tax accountants and tax laywers but to minimize their paying of taxes to the abosolute minimum each year.

    But as i say eventually many rich cannot be as rich as the super wealthy and when they see they will be sacrificed by the super wealthy then they will join in the rebellion againt excessive wealth being held by so few.

    It seems to me there is a point in life one should be happy with what they have but it also seems to me there are some who live only to add to their wealth . Those folks never will be happy no matter how much wealth they acrue.
    Keeping up with the Joneses has a price i refuse to pay.

    Air America failed due to the broadcast TV network successes of liberals .Radio didnt have enough support diverted from Tv to keep it afloat.

    Rush Limbaugh’s broadcast tv show failed badly as well.So badly in fact no other conservative has even attempted an effort since.

    The funny part is Conservative tv only survives in a forum where folks liberally pay to view it. After it’s a liberal act in my book to pay for stuff you can get for free .
    And dont think claiming conservative cable shows out perform liberal tv shows cuz they dont when you include ALL liberal shows .
    No conservative cable show attracks the viewers of liberal braodcast shows , yet those very liberal shows are never included when the discussion involves tv ratings for political tv shows.



    Grant 🙂 🙂 12793

  12. Grant,
    So you basicall disagree with those three points of Perry’s rant. Cool!
    Rush’s show did not fail, Rush pulled the plug on it because he dicided to concentrate on radio only. what ever time slot they put him in, he came in either number one or two, even against Oprah.
    Now Glenn Beck is called the second most POPULAR TV talk show personality next to Oprah.Glenn’s show draws mor viewers in that slot from coast to coast than any of the over the air channels and all cable channels combined.

    To quote Che;”They(blacks) are lazy and are given to spend thier money on spirits(booze) and frivolity” That quote is from che’s diary. He also hated Rock and Roll. So the next time you see Carlos Santana in a Che T-shirt, let him know that Che would have imprisoned him for his music!

    According to a liberal news outlet Fox News is considered the most trusted news outlet in America. Fox news out rates all liberal cable news networks combined by a margine of 2 to 1.

    just some recent factoids

  13. Keith ,

    Since you mentioned Jack Gravely 1st you should be also be the 1st to admit how he conducts his show differently . He allows his callers ot make their point completely before he interupts them .Plus he rarely refers ot ther callers himself once their call ends unless another caller makes a reference to them.

    He is old school.You remember that school that produced folks like Lou dean Jerry Lund Alden Aaroe Tim Timberlake Jim Jacobson , Dick Hungate ,Harvey Hudson etc who had respect for the folks that would call their shows instead of treating them as interuptions to the shows viewpoint. Much like this blog does now.

    As for Che folks would consider employees of Blackwater (IE) to be later day versions of Che in some instances based upon their actions.That a better comparison? After all overthrowing a govt was the goal of both .And the US viewpoint is not held 100% worldwise.

    John ,

    Not only the TV show but Rush has not authored a new book either since that time frame.
    So his retrenching back to just the radio format may indicate the realization maybe he had over calculated his appeal in mass quanities.

    And til i see actual arbitrons with audience size presented showing Beck as 2nd most popular host i will take that comment with a grain of salt.
    Also limting the comparison timeframe to just one hour a day to make the point of a host’s appeal is rather lame since there are 24 hours a day. Potentially using your methods of figuring popularity Beck could be in 24th place out of 24 show hosts using all 24 hours of the day instead of just singling out 1 particular hour of the day to use.

    Note your last paragraph

    WHO? —–V
    According to a liberal news outlet Fox News is considered the most trusted news outlet in America. Fox news out rates all liberal cable news networks combined by a margine of 2 to 1. /\—————-Mulitiple use of adjectives needed to make a claim true by eliminating many potential answers from being included (Notice Broadcast news wasnt included nor news based on satellite systems .) Omiting some competitors makes what you say seem stronger?

    This is NOT the radio show where you can make claims and not have to face being questioned about them in front of others that read this blog.
    Which is why i doubt it will be up and running much longer based on the recent lack of activity by it’s creators.Even they must realize they dont have the control here they can excise over the radio in my personal opinion.

    Grant 12815

    • Grant , To let yo u know . Black water personel as for as I know Have been cleared , (this is not to say that I am correct on this ,but I will investigate) and Che was a mass murder .NO ifs or buts , YOu reallly should look at the history of Liberalism, Progressivism ,socialism ,communism ,fascism , IT all goes the same way -Tyranny .
      2. many of the men you talked about , were retireing only one was not and that was timberlake. (if I remmeber correctly)

      But I do have to ask ,WHY would you want the government to take care of you like a little child ?

      For every one thing the goverment does for you is one less right you have todo for yourself.

      also JUst to think on something

      Whom should i really admire .
      marx – JAMES MADISON
      Stalin — Patrick Henry
      Lenin – John ADAMS ,ABE LINCOLN

      I believe I will always stick with MY FOUNDING FATHERS.

      Stalin- Patrick Henry

      • ok I thought I was right . and I am .

        A judge in America threw out charges against members of the Blackwater security company yesterday who were accused of killing Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in one of the most notorious incidents since the 2003 invasion, Thursday 31 December 2009 23.24 GMT

  14. Grant,

    So, you feel that eventually we will suppress you here? Cut you off?

    Why do that? You are the best example of why we fight so hard. Your thought and worldview is very damaging! And you represent it very well. Your wrong, but do a great job of reminding us of the battle we must rage!

    Keep it coming! Just like the title of this blog….got to love liberals!

    One person employed at WRVA!
    Scott Lee

  15. LOL Scott ,

    I have no fear of supression here when i compare the topics posted in Jan 2010 to Jan 2009 it seems indicate a severe decline of involvement by the hosts.
    JAN 2009 has 14 topics posted Jan 2010 has 6 topics posted and 3 of therm are dated Jan 31th 2010) And the responses each generated so far. Just a fact

    Then again ad hoc attacks arent my style.I supply facts or directions to those in search of my sources.
    If not for Perry this month this place would have been a true snoozefest 🙂

    Grant 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You poor miseducated child , YOur kind is only 20 percent of the nation if that , If you detest this nation so much why don’t you move to one of your soviet paradises?

  16. Keith

    AD HOC lol Without a shred of evidence to support anything you just said in that 9:54 Jan 31th 2010 post


    Grant 🙂 🙂

  17. Grant , Just going by what your posts are saying . your own words are your enemy.

  18. So did this blog actually die as i foretold in my Jan 30th 2010 at 1:45 pm post?

  19. Plus with his toll road idea didnt Mcdonnell prove my “meet the new boss , same as the old boss” prediction ?

    Grant 🙂 🙂 15144

  20. The only way I would agree with everything someone said is if I myself were running…and even then I might have an issue or two!!

    Bob is wrong on the tolls!

  21. Did the blog die? Hosting two radio shows and filling in for Doc and Jimmy takes time! What? You dont have a job?

  22. Did the blog die? Hosting two radio shows and filling in for Doc and Jimmy takes time! What? You dont have a job?

    ROFLMAO at that posting cuz anyone that has seen this blog before KNOWS you had the radio show and did fill ins the WHOLE time this blog existed up til April 6 , 2010. Did you have to get a 2nd radio show to host now ????If so where on the airwaves is it? And is it taking so much time this BLOG appears dead now?

    I cite all the PREVIOUS blog entries as my EVIDENCE as to why i asked if the blog had died cuz NEVER BEFORE has a 5 week GAP existed in the history of this blog where new topics wernt being posted.


    Me thinks that JOB comment contains words you shall end up regreting that you ever posted.
    Strange i thought that was a trait only of liberals.

    GRANT 🙂 🙂

    What/ replace me on the $50 with Reagan ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. Hey lemnpiper , we are still here I may not post put i read and check on things at least 3 times a week . of course , my dad always told me if a jackass kicks you just consider the source.

    If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
    George Washington

    He that lives upon hope will die fasting.
    Benjamin Franklin

  24. Keith,

    Have you noticed since the above post of yours on May 22,2010 at 7:04 pm in response to my May 16th post you have made the only posts except for this one by me and one by Craig on may 24th?

    Heck even the counter has only added about 195 hits since then ( ever wonder what the numbers in my posts were were? well that’s what they are.)

    Where is everyone, or could it be they gave up?

    Looks like the Cronkite thread will end up as the one with most postings and commentators after all .

    Grant 🙂 🙂 😉

    “No brag ,Just fact ” Will Sonnet

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